Inclusive Pedagogy

The notion that diversity “makes us stronger” is such a powerful idea. While at this point it’s almost cliche to say that being exposed to people who are different that you broadens your perception and changes the way you view the world, this notion should definitely be kept in mind when teaching. The relationship between student and teacher, in some classroom situations, is definitely one of ebb and flow. The instructor imparts information upon the students, and from personal experience, the instructor learns a lot about different personalities and learning styles, and how to properly dispense this information in various manners that can accommodate those who wish to learn.

Since teaching in Grad school, I have been exposed to a diverse array of different students, each with different backgrounds, beliefs, and viewpoints. Each of whom, although different, desire to learn, and the ability to adapt to and identify these differences is key to being a successful instructor.

With this in mind, the article “How Diversity Makes us Stronger”, mentions that diversity can be difficult, and although all the sentiments mentioned above ring true, I can’t say it is always easy, or that the instructor will always know how to act and react in the best way, but that it’s always important to be mindful of these differences.

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