Mindfulness vs. Mindlessness

I never considered the theoretical differences between mindfulness vs. mindlessness. Mindfulness is when we are actively engaged in the present. Mindlessness is when you are automated to think in the past. In research and develop and engineering advancements, engineers and scientists must actively practice mindfulness. The world of engineering, science, and technology is constantly evolving. These professionals need to be able to adapt and based their research on how it will affect today’s society. For example, I am a drinking water quality engineer, and the world of water treatment has evolved much within the last century. Drinking water treatment has evolved tremendously in the last century. In the 20th century, the focus was on the sanitary aspect of water, particularly, waterborne diseases, disinfection, and water quality. In the mid 20th century, the focus included sanitary water and safe water. These factors included VOCs/DBPs protection, more strict criteria, and water quality. Within the last decade or so of the 21st century, tastiness of water has become an important factor–this includes aesthetic problems, distribution systems, and satisfying customers. Without the mindfulness thought process, our drinking water system would not be as advanced as it is today.

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  1. Katy, as professors, our mindfulness is being actively engaged with the learning community, where they are now, and reflecting the present needs of the learners and perhaps externalities. So the drinking water quality professor’s teaching will reflect the evolution of the discipline to include mindfulness of the customer and the aesthetic qualities of water. Another aspect of mindfulness may be sensitivity to trends, so the professor can plot a trajectory to allow the learners to meet their topic where it is likely to be by the time they become practitioners. Thank you for relating mindfulness to engineering practice.

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