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Hi all! 

My name is Gabrielle Smith, but feel free to call me Gabs! I am a PhD student at Virginia Tech in the Genetics, Bioninformatics, and Compuational BIology department (GBCB). I earned my B.S. in Mathematics with a minor in Secondary Education from The University of Virginia’s College at Wise as well as my Virginia Teaching License.  Both mathematics and education have always been extremely important to me. I have an incredible passion for applying mathematics to biology; in particular, I love mathematical modeling of biological systems. It is my professional goal to become an educator that helps to lead the next generation of scientists and inventors.

My research interests currently focus on ecology and public health and safety. You can find some of my work in the Human-Wildlife Interactions journal (2017 and 2018 issues). I have also conducted research in infectious and zoonotic diseases. 

My drive for research is fueled by my passion to teach.  I strongly believe that educators must maintain the most current knowledge of content areas to shape students that will thrive in the modern world of science. Hence, I am constantly improving my skills and keeping up to date with the newest techniques for the benefit of my students.

My teaching philosophy is firmly rooted in constructivism. I believe in discovery of knowledge and encourage exploration of topics. No answers will be simply given here! I feel that constructivism is key to developing critical thinking which is extremely imperative to good scientists.