Professors as Educators

Although many people choose to become professors for the freedom to research whatever their hearts desire, at some point, most professors (and even some postdocs) are tasked teaching responsibilities. This experience can be the most rewarding or the most daunting for new professors and their students. A lot of trouble students have in higher education is with professors and their teaching styles. I’m sure most college graduates can remember at least one professor that showed very little interest in teaching, had odd teaching styles, or were the most difficult to academically please. Personally, I believe these issues stem from professors not being prepared to be educators as well as researchers. This is not to say that all professors should take it easy on students and be subservient, instead I propose that professors ideally have some sort of educational training. That is, I believe professors need to be educated as educators as well as researchers.

As for the individuals who have no interest in teaching responsibilities, I feel they should really look for 100% research appointments in academia. There’s nothing worse than sitting through a class that the professor doesn’t even want to sit through. Being a good educator relies heavily on passion and if the passion isn’t there, the educator shouldn’t be either.

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