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This afternoon I went to a beginner’s yoga class, and I was pleasantly surprised to learn two new yoga techniques. I’ve been studying yoga for over a year and while I would not consider myself super advanced, I often go to the most challenging yoga classes advertised that I can find, in my attempt to surround myself with experts and challenge myself to learn quickly. Today I learned a really cool block sequence for a low lounge, and a way to use blocks to support Fish Pose. In the past I’ve always struggled with Fish Pose. Often wondering if I was doing it right, or why I couldn’t feel my chakra opening or what the stretch was meant to be. But in the beginner class the teacher had us place a block under our shoulders so that we could get into Fish Pose and all of the sudden the pose just really clicked!

 fish pose

Everyone knows this but it’s like as humans we’re always surprised that its the basics that we need in life. Think about all of the epic scenes throughout pop culture where people realize they have to go back to the basics, or they use a basic technique to overcome a struggle- usually in the form of a battle or duel.

From Avatar the Last Airbender with Uncle Iroh telling us to “Remember your firebending basics, Prince Zuko. They are your greatest weapons.”

Or Avatar Aang refusing to violate his basic principles by killing, even the Fire Lord, using his basic lesson on energy bending to take away the Fire Lord’s powers, instead of his life:

excuse the foul language someone added to the clip. whoops.

to Harry Potter using Expeliarmus vs Voldemort’s Avada Kadavara

to Cady’s Mean Girls diatribe about the basics of human decency that takes her back to the basics of math

But let’s think about this seriously, most of the conflicts in the world stem from adults ignoring the basic rules we were taught in kindergarten, like:

  • keep your hands to yourself
  • treat others as you want to be treated
  • clean up after yourself
  • ask nicely
  • say thank you
  • compromise
  • share with each other
  • you know all that stuff in the Young Professionals Survival Guide etc.


And Lastly, my favorite:


Was this post super basic? Was that the point? OMG so meta.

-You know you love me. xoxo Ethics Girl


2 Responses to “Back to the Basics”

  • Andrew Thorpe:

    As entertaining as your post is, I do really agree in the importance of sticking to the basics in life. Like you said, if all of us could just abide by the things we were taught in kindergarten imagine how different our world could be. I think that if we stick to the basics and go back to the basics in times of stress or conflict we will be better off.

    Also, big big fan of Ledo Pizza.

    • esmerin:

      Haha yea I have been craving Ledo Pizza but the closest one is in Raleigh NC 🙁
      But yea it’s kinda like most of the problems we’re learning about wouldn’t be a thing if people just followed the principles of kindergarten, like how do we let these people out of school and into the world? hahaha

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