Course Assignments

Student Survey

The survey will gauge the knowledge and interests of students in the class related to future cities. Other questions will ask about class and assignment format. Survey responses will be used to finalize and refine the course schedule and weights for grading.

Weekly Social Media Contributions

One point each for completing post with proper tag (@FutureCities4) and a hashtag #futurecitiesVaTech on Twitter; @futurecitites4 (mind the absence of capitalization) and hashtag #futurecitiesVaTech on Instagram. Two per week are required.

Individual Reflections

Maximum 3 points each. These are summaries of required and selected course materials (reading, movies, podcasts, websites, or videos). Summaries are a minimum of 200 words each and highlight key points and implications for the future of cities. Scoring is as follows: 1 point for completed summary/reflection, 2 points for completed summary/reflection that also refers to online discussion from class members or instructors, 3 points for completed summary/reflection that also includes new content (i.e., reference to new reading, movies, podcasts, websites, or videos) on related topics. All reading materials are provided on Canvas.

Group Summaries

Students will work in assigned groups to prepare summaries of the six course sections: 1) Introduction/Background, 2) Social Dimensions of the City, 3) Economy, 4) Environment, 5) Technology, and 6) Globalization. There is also a final summary that is a synthesis of the six sections. Group summaries must reference the required reading materials for each section as well as four others as selected by the group. These can include any from the class materials (reading, movies, podcasts, websites, and videos). Similar to the Individual Reflections, the Group Summaries must highlight key points of the overall section using insights gained from the required and selected materials. Points are given for 1) proper inclusion of course materials, 2) integrated discussion of course materials, 3) articulation of group perspectives on topics (especially if they vary), 4) clearly written with proper grammar, spelling, and length. Each summary should be a minimum of 500 words and no more than 750 words. Summaries must be posted in a web-accessible location. No late work will be accepted.

Peer Evaluations

Students will provide peer scores after each Group Summary is completed. Scores should reflect the contributions of each group members and will be anonymous. Peer scores will account for just less than half of each member’s grade for the summary. The other points will be based on the instructors evaluation of the summary. Groups will need to design a rubric for peer evaluations.