Work Life Balance!

Recently hashtags such as #Find_Away and #EscapeNormal have recently became inspirational hashtags for taking a break, doing something new, and breaking the routines. Reading a blog post on the Inside Higher Ed reminded me of how my work-life balance in grad school is also largely dependent on the stage of degree that I am in. To maintain your work-life balance, try to remember the following tips:

-Prioritize your time and say no.

-Mix up your routine to reset and recharge. Start small with mini goals and deadlines, as well as mini rewards and breaks. See #EscapeNormal.

-Surround yourself with people who also aim for a balanced life.

-Get outside. Exposure to nature can improve memory and attention, among numerous other health benefits of nature and being outside.

– Be nice to yourself and take care of yourself.

This is your life right now. Work-life balance is not only important to avoid burnout in grad school but also your future career(s). Practice makes perfect!






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