Uses and Abuses of knowledge

It is very intriguing the way science and market are so tied together. Is is a bad thing? Not necessarily. It would be silly to suggest that the knowledge produced by scientists and academics in general should be isolated from our daily lives. I think the argument I would make is quite the opposite. Knowledge and education worth to the point they serve life.  Unfortunatelly, we see all the time how knowledge construct and destroy, with its incredible progressive and regressive powers. For me, the role of teachers and professors should also be an ethical one. I know this encounters a lot of resistance. In this contemporary western society, people are afraid to discuss what is right and what is wrong, they are afraid of being too ‘modern’, too ‘totalitarian’. I am not saying that professors and teachers should ‘spread the truth’, but it is crucial that students become aware of the impact of their actions, discoveries, publications etc. Neuroscientist Molly Crockett illustrates in this video the way science may be used today for mass manipulation.

Of course, not only as future professors, but as students, future engineers, biologists, political scientists, … we must know the power we have in our hands to construct or to destroy. There is good and bad use of knowledge. Some people still believe that theory is just theory… We have learnt that theory is practice. We construct the relationships and stuff around us word by word.

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