• Fracking and natural gas can bridge the gap for supplying energy to the masses; there is a stigma associated with nuclear power that prevents efficient use, and solar and wind are intermittent and are not ready to support the US energy need.

  • The negative press has got to be fought in some way, the public opinion of Fracking is negative because thats all people see on the news. A campaign to show that fracking is safe and cheap energy source would be something for investors to get behind.

  • As it is already heavily regulated, the specific running of the plants needs to be overseen by the states with shale reserves. This will allow for specific solutions for problems specific to the region in which the drilling is taking place. Such as water and drilling near populated areas. PA or NY does not have the same requirements and issues as Utah or Colorado.

  • Fracking right now has an exemption from the Clean Water Act, the companies that do the drilling should be regulated in some way, by releasing the chemicals that they inject into the shale. Yes, some of the chemicals are harmful, but again with an impermeable layer of rock thousands of feet thick, it is not an issue as long as the wells are sealed correctly. To ensure that they are correctly sealed, a state-run agency should be inspecting the wells.


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  1. Despite the severe risks involved with fracking, I agree with your point of view that it could be done safely if conducted correctly. I think you bring up a good point that fracking is given a bad image by the media. I have to say that I found your website to be somewhat difficult to navigate, and I think you could have made your position look stronger if you had presented more information.

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