Design Philosophy

Before in this blog, I’ve described design as a way to convey things, whether those things be information or otherwise. While that is generally true, design frequently functions the best went it isn’t so apparent. When you walk into a room and don’t think about what it looks like, because it already makes sense, that’s good design. It functions discretely and independently from the conscious mind. It’s designed so well, the information it conveys need not be thought about. With that notion, it kind of makes sense why discrete design is the best designit conveys information in the most efficient way, with no need for conscious thought. It is also a true notion that our environment affects who we are and how we act. Certain designs make us uncomfortable, happy, sad, angry… So it’s important for the design to ultimately be good and have a purpose. Design with a purpose gives people a purpose, and with good design, people would never notice.