CT+E ~ Final Reflection

I cannot help but feel that this year is in complete contrast to how this class would be in other years. However, I also feel that we did many things for the amount of time and the resources that we had. I mean we completed basically 3½ projects along with an introduction. Although thinking back on it, I did feel a lot of pressure throughout the course, and whether that was a reflection of the course or the entirety of this semester remains to be seen. The actual class itself was quite fun and enjoyable, and the small group was really helpful for actually connecting to the subject matter. We were an absolute unit learning design together. Professor Sullivan was a great professor and knows exactly how to teach her students about the field she’s in. It helps that she’s objective because then her feedback is very reliable.

Moving back to the class, I also have this strange feeling that this class was less “technological” than it normally is, which is simply based on the fact that the syllabus not entirely lining up with the class, at least from what I remember. However, I wouldn’t say I minded that—doing something with my hands was nice for a change. Although, the best project hands down was the final one. Nothing made me feel as good as that animation—it was a release of creative energy. This leads to a concluding remark that I feel about this class, which is the fact that it releases tension. It gives you something to do and not to stare at. It has this productive workflow that makes you feel good as if it was designed to be that way.

Design was designed to be experienced through design.

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