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Who are some of your teaching influences?  I am influenced by Louise Rosenblatt’s text Literature as Exploration, she argues that meaning making is transactional; making meaning of the text is a complex process that involves the interplay between the reader’s life experiences and the book.  Meaning does not simply wait for readers to discover it; in other words, a one true meaning does not await readers.  I also draw from George Orwell’s “Politics and the English Language,” Paolo Freire’s “The Banking Concept of Education,” Franz Fanon, and Howard Gardner to name a few.  When I first started teaching I was influenced, and still am, by some of my really good professors.  These professors often utilized a variety of teaching methods, and rarely lectured.  I’ve returned to my teaching philosophy, and am currently reflecting on how I’ve changed as an instructor.


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  1. edpsyched

    Hi Fizgig,

    Thanks for sharing. I can’t really say that I was influenced by “great teachers” of the past, though as you explained Louise Rosenblatt, I was reminded of Symbolic Interactionism by Herbert Blumer. Ever heard of it? Personally, I was mostly influenced by my awesome professors at Roanoke College, especially my literature professors who taught me to dig around to uncover gems of meaning, my linguist professors who taught me to think scientifically about something people usually assume as entirely humanistic. I had writing teachers in high school who told me to never stop writing; I had chemistry teachers who showed me how fun learning can be by blowing stuff up. These experiences are part of what have made me ambitious about education, and definitely represent why I have come so far. – Kasey

  2. rcook04

    Thank you for sharing these resources. I haven’t thought much about theorist who have influenced my pedagogical style. As a counselor, I am extremely influenced by different theories, but I have not thought much about it as a teacher. So your post has me thinking that this as a great growth opportunity! Like Kasey, there are many people who have been formative in my development. I have been fortunate to have numerous wonderful teachers. When I think about the educators that inspired me, the common thread is that they all demonstrated they cared about us (as students and as people) and they made learning fun. I remember how excited they were to see us each day. Their care, engagement, and excitement made me want to learn and to try my best. I am appreciative of them because of the impact they had on my development.

  3. Miko

    I always suggest people to read about the work of Marcia Baxter Magolda about self-authorship. I think it can really help teachers define and understand themselves.

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