What is the etiquette around here?


  • Office Door: Keep the door to the office locked when no one is in the office. Take your keys with you to avoid being locked out.
  • Pets: Please don’t bring pets into the office. Most office space is just too crowded to have additional chaos and mess from pets.  If you do need to bring a pet in occasionally, first discuss it with your office-mates.
  • Meetings: Please no meetings/conferences in the office.  If you are a TA, check with your advisor/class professor to see if there is any place other than the office to hold office hours.
    • There is the student lounge as well as the conference room next door (147) for any meetings you might need to have.  The key to the conference room is on the yardstick in the kitchen area.  You can reserve the 147 conference room on the calendar located on Dana Keith’s desk.
  • Office cleanliness: Do you best to keep the office clean as they do not often get cleaned by the custodial staff.
  • Field gear: Field gear should not be stored in the office.  There is not enough space.  Please speak with your advisor and plan accordingly.
  • In general, by considerate of your fellow officemates. We are all trying to work hard and achieve a goal.  Don’t be offended if you are asked to quiet down or take you conversation someplace else.

State and Federal Vehicles

  • If you get the vehicles dirty, clean it up.
  • If it needs repairs/maintenance, let someone in charge know.

Center Woods

  • Please be responsible and leave this area better than the way you found it.

The Kitchen Area

  • Refrigerator: Feel free to use the refrigerator in the kitchen area, but remember these are communal refrigerators. Space is limited. If you spill something or your food leaks, please wipe it up.
    • Label all food with a name and date.  Remove unused perishable food in a timely manner.  The fridge will be cleaned out each Friday and perishable food over a week old or without a label will be thrown out container and all.
  • Microwave: The department was nice enough to buy us a new microwave so let’s keep it nice! Cover you food!! Clean up any spills/overflow.
  • Keurig Coffee Maker: Remove all used coffee grounds and clean up any coffee mess.
  • Dishes: The kitchen area is not an area to store your dishes.  Please store them in your office.