VT Student Groups

Some Virginia Tech Student Groups and Initiatives 

GobblerConnect: https://gobblerconnect.vt.edu/
  • Explore different events, organizations, initiatives, and articles related to Virginia Tech. Great place to start!
Hillel at Virginia Tech: https://www.hillelatvirginiatech.org/
  • Hillel at Virginia Tech is a home away from home where one can grow personally and socially through involvement, leadership, and mentorship. With pluralism and intersectionality in mind, our programs cultivate an environment of accessibility and unwavering curiosity towards Judaism and Israel for the Hokie community.
Disability Alliance and Caucus: https://disabilityalliancevt.wordpress.com/
  • The Disability Alliance at VT is a Registered Student Organization which contains a Faculty/Staff Disability Caucus. This is a space for disabled Virginia Tech community members and their allies to come together and engage in community building, mutual support, and disability activism. The Disability Alliance at VT is a Registered Student Organization which contains a Faculty/Staff Disability Caucus. This is a space for disabled Virginia Tech community members and their allies to come together and engage in community building, mutual support, and disability activism. As a cross-disability organization, we celebrate the diversity of disability experiences. We welcome those with mental illnesses, developmental, intellectual, and learning disabilities, chronic illnesses, and/or other hidden disabilities. We acknowledge the validity of both self and professional forms of diagnoses, and we won’t ask you to prove your identities. We hope to create a diverse group which honors the varied and multiple identities disabled people and their allies may hold. Meets every other Friday at 12:00PM via Zoom 
  • Google Listserv: https://bit.ly/1KYXCAP
Black Caucus: https://secure.org.vt.edu/www.blackcaucus.org.vt.edu/vtblackcaucus/
  • The purpose of the Black Faculty/Staff caucus shall be to promote the well being of Black faculty, staff and students of Virginia Tech; to assertively push for the recruitment of Black faculty, staff and students; to assist in the recruitment and retention of Black undergraduate and graduate students at Virginia Tech; to encourage equitable utilization of Black faculty, staff and students throughout the university community; to be a liaison between the Black faculty, staff and students and the university administration; and to organize and maintain a support network for Black faculty, staff and students at Virginia Tech.
LGBTQ+ Caucus: https://sites.google.com/vt.edu/lgbtqcaucusvt/home
  • The LGBTQ+ Caucus at Virginia Tech is committed to advancing equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people and their families. The caucus seeks to improve the lives of LGBTQ+ individuals both at the University and in the New River Valley community through educational programming, social activities, public service, and outreach. Together with our allies, we strive to share information and initiate progressive community change as we visibly work for social justice and human rights

Listserv: lgbtqcaucus-g@vt.edu, or email Ashleigh “Bing” Bingham at anbingham@vt.edu 

Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers: http://www.sase.org.vt.edu/
Native at VT: https://gobblerconnect.vt.edu/organization/nativeatvirginiatech
  • Native at VT is dedicated to advancing the visibility of American Indians and other Indigenous peoples on campus, as well as raising an awareness of the issues that confront these diverse populations.  Anyone is welcome to join this organization.
Black Graduate Student Organization: https://www.biol.vt.edu/Graduates/BGSA.html
  • Welcome to the Black Graduate Student  Organization Web site. BGSO at Virginia Tech was founded to promote a greater  sense of community among graduate students of African descent. Our mission  includes providing support networks, encouraging research and scholarship, along with  promoting exposure to information technologies. Our aim is to promote  cultural, educational, and professional development in the lives of the Black  graduate student population at Virginia Tech. 
  • More information at: https://gobblerconnect.vt.edu/organization/BGSO
  • Contact Email E: bgso@vt.edu

Asian American Student Union: https://gobblerconnect.vt.edu/organization/aasu

  • The mission of the Asian American Student Union is to serve the Asian/Pacific Islander/Desi American (APIDA) communities within Virginia Tech.  It shall act as an umbrella organization over the branching undergraduate APIDA organizations.  It shall strive to enhance and further the individual, cultural, and ethnic diversities that exist in the APIDA communities.  It shall make efforts to address the problems, issues, and concerns of the APIDA communities to the administration and other fellow student organizations.
  • Contact Email E: monican@vt.edu
Latin American and Iberian Graduate Student Association: https://gobblerconnect.vt.edu/organization/laigsa
  • LAIGSA is an organization of graduate students at Virginia Tech. Its mission is the diffusion of Latin American and Iberian culture by promoting cultural and recreational activities, cultural exchange, and mutual support. It is also the meeting point for the Latin American and Iberian graduate students attending VT. The benefit to the Virginia Tech community is the awareness this association raises about the Latin American and Iberian Culture. It also helps Latin American and Iberian graduate students at Virginia Tech meet and share their experiences. The members of LAIGSA are mostly students, parents, and kids from Latin America and the Iberian peninsula, which allows not only for cultural but also intergenerational exchange.
  • Contact Email E: laigsaofvt@gmail.com or email nsanta@vt.edu 
VT NAACP: https://gobblerconnect.vt.edu/organization/NAACP_VT
  • We’re a branch of the NAACP Youth & College Division whose main focus is to develop ourselves into future leaders while raising awareness about how minorities are affected by economic development, education, health, juvenile justice, & voter empowerment. We strive to empower our community by being activists for unrepresented groups. 
  • Contact Email E: naacp.atvt@gmail.com
MANRRS at Virginia Tech: https://gobblerconnect.vt.edu/organization/MANRRS
  • Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences (MANRRS) at Virginia Tech is a part of the national MANNRS organization. We are dedicated to inclusion, achievement, and advancement of ALL people in the agricultural, natural resource, and related sciences. Our main goal is to promote professional growth and leadership skills in these sectors while providing a safe atmosphere to learn and connect.  
  • We meet monthly! All are welcome to join!
  • More Information at: https://blogs.lt.vt.edu/manrrs/
  • Contact Email: dkm5ek@vt.edu
  • Welcome to Latin Link, Virginia Tech’s largest social LatinX organization! Founded in 2001, we have made it our mission to uplift the LatinX community at Virginia Tech and celebrate our culture on campus. Each year, we host numerous social and service events that engage and create lasting bonds between our members, while also working to educate the student body on issues pertaining to our community. Such events include our Big/Little Week, cookouts, bi-weekly general body meetings (GBMs), Date Party, a charity soccer tournament, and an annual Culture Show. By joining Latin Link, you can participate in our events and become a member of our Virginia Tech familia as we work to make greater change on our campus. To get involved with Latin Link, sign up for our email listserv, follow us on social media, and check out our events!
  • Join our listserv (Email): https://forms.gle/HpJqFyYKu1aGjNgv5
Black Organizations Council: https://sites.google.com/vt.edu/boc/home
  • The Black Organizations Council, or BOC, is an overarching organization that stands to coordinate the efforts made by the majority of Black student organizations at Virginia Tech. Founded in 1985, BOC was established to create a unified voice within Virginia Tech’s Black student population. Our goal is to provide activism and advocacy while meeting the challenge of the social and political forces affecting the Black community. We continue this legacy today by upholding our mission of being a governing, representing, and coordinating body for the Black community at Virginia Tech.
Hokie Pride: http://www.hokiepride.org.vt.edu/
  • Established in 1985 as Lambda Horizon, HokiePRIDE has undergone many transformations. During the early 1990’s the organization changed its name to LGBT and later to LGBTA. In 1998, the organization became a University Chartered Student Organization (UCSO) and began the Safe Zone program. Safe Zone was a collaborative effort between the Dean of Students office, the LGBTA, the LGBT Caucus, and the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action. In Fall 2014, the LGBTA became known as HokiePRIDE of Virginia Tech. Today, the organization’s main focus is programmatic, not political. As an organization that works to increase its social justice efforts, HokiePRIDE’s current board wants to honor its past as an organization that was not inclusive enough for some members, while making every effort to provide one that is fully inclusive of all LGBTQ+ identities.
Cedars of Lebanon: https://gobblerconnect.vt.edu/organization/cedarsoflebanon
  • We meet once a month and aim to cultivate an environment of inclusivity so that Lebanese Hokies can have the opportunity to explore their heritage.
QTPOC (Queer & Trans PoC at Virginia Tech): https://gobblerconnect.vt.edu/organization/qtpoc
  • Founded by 2 queer black womxn who, in the spirit of Ut Prosim, saw the need and made a space for the minorities of a minority, QTPOC@VT gives faculty, staff, and students the opportunity to gather, understand, and celebrate the diversity of being a person of color within the LGBTQ+ community. Through cultural arts, health, discussion, and advocacy programming we highlight the nuanced experiences of young racial and sexual/gender minorities.
  • They envision a campus community that is fully inclusive of queer and trans people of color and is committed to dismantling racism, (cis)sexism, heteronormativity, and all other forms of oppression at interpersonal, societal, and institutional levels.
LASO (Latino Association of Student Organizations): https://gobblerconnect.vt.edu/organization/LASOVT
  • The Latino Association of Student Organizations is the umbrella organization encompassing all the Latinx student organizations at Virginia Tech. LASO sponsors large venue entertainment and educational programs focused on Latinx culture that unites the Latinx organizations, community, and promotes awareness and knowledge to the general campus community. We also address, support, and promote the issues and concerns of the Latinx community and the Latinx students. The Latinx community is growing at Virginia Tech and LASO takes pride in making the Latinx voice heard at Virginia Tech.
Jewish Student Union: https://gobblerconnect.vt.edu/organization/JSU
  • The Jewish Student Union (JSU) aims to serve and support Jewish students and organizations such as Hillel, Chabad, and Friends of Israel at VT while providing external programming to educate the at-large Virginia Tech community on Judaism, our values, and our culture as we seek to end anti-semitism and advocate for all people. We are committed to an inclusive and pluralistic vision for our community.
Muslim Student Unioin: https://gobblerconnect.vt.edu/organization/MSU
  • The purpose of the MSU shall be the following:
  • To act as an umbrella organization encompassing Muslim student organizations
  • To sponsor educational programs focused on Islam and Muslims in order to unite the Muslim community and promote awareness and knowledge to the general Virginia Tech community
  • To address, support, and promote issues and concerns of the Muslim community by serving as a liaison between the university administration and the Muslim community
  • To assist the university in promoting and recruiting a diverse student body in a culturally sensitive environment
  • To facilitate growth and development of students through leadership opportunities provided by organizations
  • To complement the University’s Diversity and Inclusion initiatives
United Feminist Movement: https://gobblerconnect.vt.edu/organization/ufmvt
  • Guided by people of all genders, races, classes, creeds, abilities, orientations, and so forth, The United Feminist Movement is dedicated to the advancement of oppressed and marginalized peoples by providing a platform on which their voices can be heard. The United Feminist Movement aims to do this through policy activism, in methods such as lobbying for social change on Virginia Tech’s campus and taking part in other organization’s events; education of the general public, via teach-ins, providing an open space to foster a meaningful dialogue on issues such as, but not limited to, gender, racism, classism, environmental justice, and lgbt+ issues; and providing safe spaces for individuals of marginalized identities to decompress and form a sense of community. We recognize that as humans with differing lives, everyone’s idea of feminism is not the same, but in the end, we seek the main goal of equality. Thus we choose to engage in meaningful action and conversation to understand one another and provide a space to discuss, learn, and lift the voices of those that aren’t usually heard. Meeting times: Wednesdays at 7:30 pm over Zoom.
  • Contact Email: Carolina Bell (carolinab@vt.edu)