Lindsay Hermanns – Speaker Chair

Who are you? What do you do?
Hi hello! I am a graduate student in the Fraser/Catlin Lab. I investigate how processes like climate change and human development impact animal populations. To do this, I study a potato-sized Arctic-breeding shorebird: Calidris alpina arcticola, a subspecies of Dunlin. Arcticola populations are thought to be declining, so I am investigating factors that might be influencing adult survival, and estimating the subspecies mate and site fidelity rates (which, has never been done before)!

What’s your favorite aspect of your research?
I have way too many favorite things about my research! Traveling up to the Alaskan tundra to band hundreds of beautiful shorebirds in full breeding plumage during the Arctic summer is a phenomenal experience, but I also very much enjoy working with the diverse group of peers both at Virginia Tech and at the field site.

Your favorite Blacksburg activity!
I would say mountain biking around the Poverty Creek Trails at Pandapas Pond and grabbing a brew at a local brewery is always enjoyable.

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