My name is Emily Hellstern. I am a first-year Master’s student at Virginia Tech, where I am a graduate research assistant in the Department of Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences in Dr. Jamie Stewart’s lab. My research focuses on reproductive physiology with a specific interest in embryo development in cattle.
I began my journey into the world reproduction as an employee in distinguished professor & L.E. “Red” Larson professor Peter J. Hansen, Ph. D. I started volunteering as a research assistant for him in August 2018 and then was hired by Dr. Hansen as an employee in his lab in August 2019. While at the lab I was able to work under multiple Phd. and Mater’s students on their research influencing me to take a similar route.
Here at Tech I will explicitly be focusing on a protein known as nerve growth factor and its relation to embryo development. After completion, I hope to eventually pursue a Ph.D. in animal Sciences to work as a reproductive physiologist in the industry eventually