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Nowadays, everyone wants their research to be read far and wide. However, many times that can come with a large price tag. Researchers must consider their audience and want to read their research when deciding if they’re going to publish with open or closed access.

For this blog post, I chose to look at the Journal of Dairy Science. This specific journal covers a wide array of dairy biology topics, including physiology, nutrition, reproduction, genetics, etc. It is a publication done by the American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) run out of Illinois. Before this post, I did not know the Journal of Dairy Science was open access; I thought it only had a closed access option.

I decided to focus mainly on looking at the price discrepancies between publishing options. The journal has two different options for publication: standard page charges and open access. The standard per page charge is 65$ for ADSA members, while open access is 1750$. I honestly do not know much about publishing pricing, but the open-access seemed pretty reasonable. Scientific manuscripts in my field can typically be between 25-40 pages. Therefore, it seems worth it because 26 pages would be the same price open and closed access (1750/65=26). If you have a shorter article, it may not be worth it to do open access unless it is perinate that all researchers have access.

I think it is interesting to note that prices change by becoming a member. It goes from 65$ to 140$ a page and 1750$ to 3500$ an article. It nearly doubles in price by not having a monthly membership. I find it interesting that you have to pay money to receive a better price for publishing. Do you think it is fair that prices are not standardized and that you are required to have the membership to obtain lower prices?




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