Hiring based on GPA

I am sure that most of us have had bad days, sick days, down days, special circumstances that have influenced our performance during an exam. That performance in turn has influenced our overall grade and consequently our GPA. So is it fair that we get reduced to just or GPA when we apply for a job? While some people may think that the answer to that question is no our future employer needs to have some criteria to decide. Si let me give you an example of how two of my past supervisors decided on this issue. One of them wanted the applicants to indicate their GPA’S and also include a copy of their transcripts with their applications to see what classes they had taken and whether or not those classes were relevant to our practice. The other supervisor looked primarily at the attitude of the applicant during the interview process. He claimed that given a certain level of IQ and a good attitude than that person is easily trainable. I agree with both methods and I am sure that they ultimately looked at both sides, i.e. academic performance and attitude. But to get back to the original question. Is the GPA an indicator of our future performance? I think it kind of is. We may have a few bad days which might have influenced our performance during a particular exam but these events are typically the exception and not the rule. So if we studied hard consistently during the four years of college or for the additional years of the Master’s or PhD program then this hard work will reflect itself in a good GPA. So an employer is trying to select a candidate form a pool of applicants all of which are applying for an entry level position (no previous experience) then the GPA one of the few things that he can look at and decide based upon. He won’t have time to get to know the applicants at a personal level other than just the impression that he will get during the interview process.

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