On Attention

The article by Nicholas Carr “Is Google making us stupid” was very interesting and thought provoking, but just as interesting and well said was the response by Larry Sanger. Carr says that the net is chipping away his capacity for concentration and contemplation. I agree with him. I suffer from the same disease. However as Larry Sanger says” It is ridiculous to bemoan a state which is self-created; that is a sign of weakness of will, of indiscipline, not of victimhood. Carr actually blames it on “computer engineers and software coders” who build things like Google—which is silly. Indeed, to that extent, Carr profoundly misunderstands the nature of the problem: to pretend that you can blame others (programmers, no less!) for your unwillingness to think long and hard is only a sign of how the problem itself resides within you. It is ultimately a problem of will, a failure to choose to think. If that is a problem of yours, you have no one to blame for it but yourself”.
All I can say is, well said Mr.Sanger.
If the Internet is preventing us from focusing or concentrating then anyone can log off to contemplate or get in touch with his or her uniqueness. There was a time where we were complaining how hard and inefficient it was to obtain information and now we are complaining that we are overwhelmed by it. It is natural for people sometimes to feel a greater sense of responsibility when it comes to learning or knowing because the information is now available at our fingertips. But it is our job to prioritize and avoid a situation in which we are drowned by information but starving for wisdom.

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