First Attempt at a Focus Statement

Here is my first attempt at a focus statement.

I desire to study how American women missionaries, steeped in western ideals, created connections with Korean women, who were highly influenced by Confucian ideals. I will also examine if these connections contributed to the rise of Christianity in Korea. In this project, I will use American missionary records, journals from the time period published in America and Korea and dissertations written in English and Korean about Korean women. I will also employ theoretical ideas on space from Gaston Bachelard, to explore the role of the missionary home and  ideas on commensurability from Sanjay Subrahmanyam and ideas of the ‘stranger’ from Georg Simmel to illuminate cross-cultural facilitation.


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3 Responses to First Attempt at a Focus Statement

  1. Kate Good

    I think this is really solid for a first attempt! I like that you included some really specific sources, but maybe go a bit broader too? Although I understand when using theory you probably need to zone in on a couple of really particular ones, so if that is the case you nailed it there. My only other thing is I wish you had included a piece of your “question” – you explain what you want to examine, but not quite where it came from, if that makes any sense whatsoever.

  2. Carmen Bolt


    I think this is a really impressive focus statement, you seem to have covered not only the topic of your work, but your sources, your theoretical framework, and the multifacetedness of your work. I definitely have to work to add in all of these aspects in my own statement. Do you foresee any specific challenges in approaching this project and accomplishing your goals? Or do you have a specific hypothesis about the conclusions you will come to?

  3. faithskiles

    I think the biggest challenge is really getting all the background knowledge stuffed into my brain…hahahaha….Also, much of what I will read has strong points of view attached which will need to be recognized… the scholarly works I’m reading now are very helpful in pointing to methods of reading such sources.

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