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Comment on A question for future instructors by Miko

I think that my field (learning science and instructional technology) forces me to have an eye on the latest trends in technology. I think in my case, I will keep that habit when teaching courses. It is always important to read and to discover what is out there. There is always something new that could be implemented, or a role model who can continue to shape our teaching style. I think that keeping an eye open to what others are doing can be useful for us.
Thanks for your contributions. It was great collaborating with you. Good luck and have a nice break!

Comment on Teaching Philosophies by Miko

The issue of consistency is huge for me. And I believe is a major disappointment for students, colleagues, and departments to see that a wonderful teaching statement is not consistent at all with the teacher. So, I see why writing these statements can be super challenging. It is not a matter of writing something marketable and catchy, but that is aligned with our practices as teachers. We are looking forward to reading your statement!

Comment on Over Reliance on Technology? by Miko

You are completely right. People tend to be scare of what they know or of what is new, especially when it gains popularity so fast. And the same apply to the overall use of technologies in the classroom. That is why I think we should get started with more and better professional development for teachers, so they can know how to improve their teaching with technology.

Comment on Human-Centered Learning by Miko

When people think about discrimination, they only focus on certain aspect such as race, sexual orientation, or religion, but discrimination can take several other forms. That is why everyone should be sensitive towards the topic. People can be discriminated because of age, research interests, lack of certain skills, etc.
And in addition, the more students get to leave their comfort zone and take new challenges, outside of what they know, the more they are aware that focusing on stereotypes is counterproductive, and with all honesty, very passe. Teachers and institutions should not only include a statement on their syllabi about inclusion, they should also give opportunities to students to see what is really out there and how today’s world really is.

Comment on Joining the Mobile Digital Age by Miko

Jon, welcome to the smartphone world :)
It is convenient and nice. I am glad you have all these considerations before getting started. I love my iPhone and it has really helped me to stay connect. Good luck with your phone.
Please, keep us posted…we want to know your adventures with your new iPhone. Cheers!

Comment on Twitter and Being Tech-Savvy by Miko

I believe teachers should do an honest assessment of the relevance of social media in the classroom. Realistically, even though social media can be very beneficial, I do not think they always enhance the learning experience. In some instances, social media can be distracting or not contributing at all to the classroom. Careful evaluation before implementation is a must when trying to implement social media or any other technology in the classroom.

Thanks for posting.


Comment on Valuing Good Teaching by Miko

Great post. I think good teachers can leave deep impressions on their students. Actually a good teacher frequently becomes a mentor and a role model for future teachers as well. I think that if teachers were aware of this, this could be their incentive.

Comment on Teaching as Myself by Miko

It is always positive to be true to oneself. Society sometimes tells us what is supposed to be cool and what not, which forces many people to lose their essence and pretend to be someone they are not. There is a lot of evidence that effective teaching is related to being comfortable in your skin and be always yourself, not matter what that is. We can always improve and be better teachers, but never giving our essence up. Students can feel when a teacher is comfortable with him or herself and it makes the learning experience so much better.