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Comment on Time for Co-Learning by Maha Bali

This is a great post and I wish i had answers! Would be curious to know how you re-callibrated your time?

For me, as a non-tenure-track faculty with a full-time faculty job and adjunct teaching (funny combo, i know) – and someone who works in education/faculty development, i find synergies by doing research about my teaching and my online activities in MOOCs. I don’t *have* to teach or do research, so i have a lot of leeway in how much i do of each. But i think if i had been tenure track, i could have made it work this way too, volume of research wise.

Then again, not everyone’s tenure committee accepts scholarship of teaching and learning publications as “real research”, nor do faculty e.g. In the sciences know how educational research is done…. So….easier for some disciplines but not all?