Comment on Valuing Good Teaching by Miko

Great post. I think good teachers can leave deep impressions on their students. Actually a good teacher frequently becomes a mentor and a role model for future teachers as well. I think that if teachers were aware of this, this could be their incentive.

Comment on Teaching as Myself by Mohamed Abdelraheem

“As I express more of my individuality in the classroom, I am finding it somehow easier to see my students as individuals.”
I really inspired by this quote, It is away from the stereotype of the faculty instructors whose his/her head is full of knowledge but he/she has difficulty to transfer this knowledge to his/her student due this wooden facial mask he/she wear when go to the classroom

Comment on Teaching as Myself by Childpsychprof

I also thought the Deel article was refreshing and freeing, in a sense. It is definitely challenging, though, to be comfortable enough in your own skin (and open to vulnerability!) to lead the class and not worry about what your students think. For me, it is also challenging knowing that these students will one day be my colleagues. This inspires me to try my hardest to create a positive learning community so that future citizens and “do-ers” in psychology will have the best foundation in this subject area as possible.