Social Media is the Final Frontier

Enterprise log: I am leaving what I consider social reality… What we call a ‘face to face communication’… Behind me is a cluster of the bodily performances, the mimics, the sighs, the smiles, the rolling eyes, angry looks, nodding ect. … The question is what is out there beyond the blinking black cursor? Until now, my mission was to understand and to communicate through my personal Facebook page or Twitter account in investigating the realm of social media. Now, I have a new task… Learning about how I start a blog to extend my teaching experience as a GEDI.

I believe learning about new technologies of communication is not only a need but a must. While this new realm has been shaped by our actions, it also shapes the way we think and act. Stepping into this realm, I am challenging myself in becoming a subject of a new practice, which has already started establishing its unique cultural codes. I feel that exploring this realm will also be beneficial in observing the way in which individuals are being organized in forming a new society and in understanding the way in which our social reality has been restructured through our social media experiences.

Therefore, I say “I am on board for our next mission!”