While I am not currently teaching at Virginia Tech, I had the privilege to teach while completing my Masters degree at Old Dominion University and during my undergraduate degree at Virginia Tech. I plan to teach again here within the next year and look forward to growing as a teacher.

Old Dominion University:

  • General Biology Lab for Majors Part 1 (3 classes; Fall 2014)

  • General Biology Lab for Majors Part 2 (3 classes; Spring 2015)

  • General Biology Lab for Majors Parts 1 & 2 (1 class; Summers I & II 2015)

Virginia Tech:

  • Honors Colloquium Course: Community gardening to El Porvenir, Honduras (1 class, Spring 2009)

In the interim, I am working on the Preparing the Future Professoriate certificate here at Virginia Tech, which includes taking 3 courses related to teaching and higher education. These courses are helping me become a more effective communicator both inside the classroom and out.


Serving as a mentor to undergraduate students is extraordinarily important to me and is one of my favorite parts about being a graduate student. I am extraordinarily fortunate to have such excellent students working with me and helping us reach our research goals. Listed below are some of the students I have had the pleasure to work with and mentor while working on my dissertation at Virginia Tech (listed with permission):

  • Tiffanie Pirault

  • Alex Grimaudo

  • Aylett Lipford

  • Amie Scott

  • Haylie Dixon

  • Justin Hall

  • Richard Brown