On the eve of departure …

It is the eve of departure. The departure of the Global Perspectives Program Class of 2019. This trip will provide each of us with a unique experience that brings together students across disciplines who have a common interest – that of learning about higher education from a global perspective. I am very excited to begin this new adventure that I am sure will teach me a lot about myself, my peers, and about higher education in Europe. I feel immensely appreciative to have been provided this opportunity and look forward to embracing as many experiences as possible while abroad. As I prepare for a career in academia, I am particularly interested in learning more about the differences between American and European higher education systems and how each system can complement the other. Having the opportunity to interact with colleagues from several other universities and learn first-hand of their individual and collaborative experiences is exciting! Additionally, I look forward to learning more about my peers travelling with me – what their research interests are, what they do for fun, how their previous experiences differ, what their career aspirations are, etc. I anticipate many meaningful conversations that I am sure will leave lasting impressions on me and will further culminate my interest in and understanding of global practices in academia.

It is the eve of departure. And while I may be a little nervous, I once heard that “if we were meant to stay in one place, we would have roots, not feet.” So “alpaca” my bags and let my feet lead the way to a great adventure.

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