Week 8 Project Brainstorming

For my final project, I have been brainstorming about various ways to prepare graduate students for ethical career decisions, particularly graduate students within the Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise department. A lot of us will be working with research participants or patients in our future career settings and so I think it is important to prepare ourselves for the ethical issues we may face. I am currently taking a Nutrition Counseling class that is designed to give graduate-level dietetics students relevant counseling experience. Nutrition counselors meet with clients on a weekly basis to discuss the client’s specific health goals, assessing where the client is currently at and using motivational interviewing to help facilitate health behavior change to achieve their nutrition or health goal. During these sessions, we collect personal information about the client’s health status, family history, and dietary and exercise habits. It is important to keep these health documents confidential, as well as keep the identity of the client private when discussing their case in class. Furthermore, it is also important to act professionally in public places, especially if you run into a client. There may be social situations where a counselor is interacting with a client outside of the counseling session and it is important to act ethically and professionally. I will talk about how to handle these situations using a lesson plan for students in the course or other related-courses. The lesson plan will include a goals and questions for participants of the program, dispersed throughout a handful of case studies that will highlight important ethical standards. This program will facilitate academic integrity in the student counseling setting as well as prepare graduate students to be ethical professionals in their health-related careers.

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