Week 6 Citations

I have to start this blog with a quick comment on the photo of the monkey. Now I am all about animal rights and conservation of endangered species but I think this is a slippery slope…to give animals authorship. Should we start asking animals for consent when taking pictures of them in the wild? I know that’s far-fetched but I think this conflict is far-fetched as well. I am sure there is some kind of compromise that these two parties could reach instead of spending the money to pursue a lawsuit (money that could be spent helping to save this species of monkey)!

On the topic of citation, I found the material especially useful this week as I am working on my defense paper and have noticed a bunch of mistakes in the EndNote citation outputs on my reference list. The VT Library Citation Style List led me to VT’s American Medical Association web page which provided a really great PDF that has a bunch of solid examples and basic info:


I remember when I was an undergrad, I had such a hard time with citations. It was like the huge gray area in all group projects. No one was really sure if online citation generators were right…but it seemed like so much additional effort to actually generate your own citation (it’s not). EndNote makes life a lot easier, I only wish I was more open-minded to using it in my early undergraduate years. Although I do find EndNote to be a bit slow and I have heard great things about Mendeley, at this point it’s not worth switching two and a half months before my defense. I was surprised and disappointed to learn that I won’t have access to my EndNote library after I graduate unless I pay for it but I’m hoping that the company or hospital I work for will provide access to some kind of citation manager or perhaps I will make the switch to a free option.

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