Week 4 Communicating Honor Codes

his week’s reading kind of emphasized part of the problem I see with honor/ethics guidelines. There is no denying that the Graduate Honor Code is absolutely necessary to uphold academic integrity however I think this topic is such a gray area partly because the content and length of these documents is so daunting and intimidating. Let’s face it…this stuff isn’t fun to think about. It’s scary! While I do agree it’s important to understand the definitions and consequences of plagiarism, cheating, falsification, and academic sabotage, I wish there was a more concise and efficient way to communicate this important matter to students, especially undergraduate students. In general, I think students are just ignorant to these issues. If they could be informed in a quicker way, I think everyone would benefit. Professors always skim over the Honor Code section of their syllabus during the first class. With such severe consequences, I think the Honor Code deserves a little more time…especially how it might be pertinent to that specific class. It’s kind of just assumed that everyone knows what it entails. Perhaps if there was more interactive and engaging method to educate students about their school’s honor code. Maybe a hands on ethics class required at orientation for undergraduate students where students got to interact with each other in different scenarios of academic integrity. Or weekly emails could contain short and realistic case studies  or infographics to educate students on these issues, then they would be in a position to be more academically responsible!

I found a few infographics on pinterest that were fun and show how teaching this stuff can be done in ways other than just a wordy document. I feel like these could be modified to communicate pretty much anything about honor codes.

plagiarism compass

research paper


I really liked the infographic in this article: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/07/21/why-students-plagiarize_n_5605889.html

This article also led me to another article that discussed how plagiarism among college students is the highest its ever been. I think its going to be very important moving forward to find effective ways to disseminate information regarding academic integrity.

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  1. tyagi10

    Great writeup. I liked the approach to use more innovative and creative infographics to engage people. There definitely is a lack of any interesting approach to explaining topics like these to students. What makes it worse is the fact that most teachers who teach in class know that students dislike listening to this stuff and therefore skim through it anyway. But the reality is that none of use really understand the core principles. Most of us just know that “we shouldn’t cheat” which is too broad a description to really cover any specific cases.

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