Generational Technology

I think today’s computer users take for granted the immense capabilities we have.  It was only when I read Personal Dynamic Media that I had this epiphany.  Kay and Goldberg envision a computer system that handles information “in quantities” similar to “human sensory systems” (394).  That sounds pretty spectacular if you ask me and that is precisely what I have, what we have, at our very fingertips, at this very moment.  A system that processes information faster than we can even fathom, a system comparable to something we only marvel at in a biology lecture when the workings of our nervous system are broken down.

The idea of not having a “personal computing medium,” tailored to my specific needs sounds absurd.  It’s amazing how different technologies become the defining factor for different generations.  Generation Y (my generation) is characterized by an increased use of digital technology and media.  The following generation, “Generation Z,” is characterized by even more advanced technologies, like tablet computers and the iPad and iPhone.  How appropriate that the next generation is referred to as “iGeneration.”  It is interesting to think about this, especially when I browse through the delicious stack entitled “Humans are Machines” because the stuff on there sounds a little science fiction to me but I know that with time, these far-fetched ideas will become our reality, just as Kay and Goldberg’s Dynabook did.

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  1. halliedominick

    It’s almost funny because we often consider our current technology slow. If it is not working 24/7 it annoys us. If it has any glitch it “never works.” If we were to go back to 5 years ago, the speed of our technology would be considered incredibly fast. I can’t even remember dial-up internet, ethernet, or even regular speed internet anymore. High-speed wireless internet has become the norm.

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