Can’t We Just All Get Along? …Maybe

After taking the time to read through the reading assignment in The New Media Reader my interest in the From Memex to Youtube course grew even more.  I took a particular interest Janet H. Murray’s Inventing the Medium.  I suppose my generation has become so accustomed to the presence of digital media such as televisions, cameras, CDs, cell phones, and of course the INTERNET that we have taken for granted the importance of this relatively new form of representation.  The Internet is transforming the way we do, see, and think about things but we do not even realize it until we consider where we have come from.  The convenience of the Internet continues to encompass any amount of knowledge a library could provide.   Murray compares this transformation of media to the emergence of print 500 years ago which makes me excited to be a part of such a large-scale shift.  I can’t recall if they referred to this idea in the reading but this new way of organizing our thoughts is a movement, similar to the Age of Enlightenment or even the Industrial Revolution.  Both pioneered innovative ideas and technologies, marking major turning points in their respective century; maybe Dr. C is right, maybe we really can “change the face of education” as we explore these advancing technologies.

This intense and sincere dedication to the mere union of the worlds’ information truly intrigues me.  The Web seems to defy many natural characteristics of human beings – it exists purely because people want to SHARE!  It exists across country lines, and even more, it exists for more than just financial motivation.  Although my revelation is slightly delayed, I think we have a good thing going here folks.  I am no longer of the impression that the Internet generates more negative than positive outcomes.  Now if only the supporters of SOPA and PIPA could be forced to start reading The New Media Reader…

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