I am having flashbacks of Xanga and Myspace right now.  Maybe I am not so new to the concept of blogging…hopefully this time around my attempt at participating in popular social media will be more interesting than my previous documentations of daily activities.  Either way, life here in the hustle and bustle of Blacksburg is exponentially more interesting than my days spent as a middle school-er in good ol’ Dillsburg, PA.

Since I don’t know what to blog about quite yet, I will begin with my recent obsession with optical illusions.  I spend nearly every free second I have scrolling through archives of optical illusions and trying to look at them in different ways to see different things.  Most of them are illustrations such as the Rubin Vase…you know, the famous “vase or two face” illusion that used to be on the back of cereal boxes.


There are definitely an abundance of classics but I recently came across someone who is more dedicated to optical illusions that I am.  This person painted rooms in a fashion that made them appear three dimensional.  The indoor optical illusions are out of this world until you see the outdoor ones.  The outdoor images show tape that spans across a vast area to mimic laser beams.  It’s interesting to see how the viewpoint changes EVERYTHING.  I suppose that’s the whole concept of “optical illusions.”   Either way, the amount of work that must have went into these projects is unfathomable.  Speaking of  which…did you know a fathom is the average distance between a man’s outstretched arms, fingertip to fingertip?  That’s only about six feet which makes most things pretty unfathomable if you ask me.

Well I guess that will suffice as my first blog post.  Maybe next time there will be more rhyme and reason.


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