As the colors and lights sparkle up newer dreams,
As the sweet taste lingers on the palette long after the confectionery,
The heart beats in joyous exhilaration, for the festival of joy and mirth and color and lights is upon us…

 The festival of lights is one that lights up the entire Indian subcontinent, this time of the year. As Indians living away from our motherland, most of us yearn to relive those joyous moments of Diwali. The ISA Deepawali celebration is one of the most popular Indian celebrations at Tech.

The past years’ Diwali celebration have had fireworks illuminate the skies, the aromas of Indian delectable wade through the air and scintillating performances entertain mesmerized audiences through the night. This year, on November 16th, the ISA hopes to organize yet another successful Diwali event with the flair and flamboyance that the occasion.

The mythology behind Diwali is one that manages to engage a global audience, despite its Indian roots. The victory of good over evil epitomizes the triumph of all things pure and truthful. The lords are said to celebrate the joyful conquest with dance and merriment and lighting of lamps to usher in warmth and elation after a period of tribulations.

The Diwali celebration draws in a sense of community amongst the Indians studying at VT. The ISA with its committee members have the passion and fervor reignited by student volunteers and performers. The entire event is student led and managed. Students, in the past have come together to coordinate, organize, synchronize, celebrate and smile. Many positions of responsibilities are entrusted upon young shoulders eager to make the event a hit. The Diwali celebration is also a cultural exchange of sorts as Indians proudly showcase their country, appealing to the receptive senses of those not traditionally accustomed to the celebrations.

While some come for the fireworks, to watch the entire sky atop the drillfield light up with lights so vibrant and effervescent; others come by for the exotic Indian cuisine that is offered at the celebration. And as the luminosities light up foreign skies, leaving each heart aglow with a sense of belonging and that of extended family at a place, we now know as home-VirginiaTech.