The body was a modified ice-cream tub, the blades were borrowed from my dad’s cabinet, and the motor was a simple battery operated device, a treasure that I owned. I used these to make my first working model, a mini-blender, for my doll house. A nidus was planted, which over the next decade took a concrete shape in form of my calling: engineering.

As a five year old, little did I know that I had jet-skied myself to a field, which as the ‘know-it-alls’ of the world claim, most paying. Yes! my 60 month old brain had weighed the pros and cons to spear-head towards a career which would eventually sublimate into my spending a good part of my post-retirement life on my private island in the Bahamas

No. 4.50 AM does not make me crazy.
Internet on the other hand…

There is a notion about certain majors being more paying than others, floating on the web-o-sphere.  I wonder, how people can justify choice of careers based on economic capacities of the same. Surely talent and giftedness cannot be exchanged for monetary compensations?

everybody is a genius…
but if you ask a fish to climb a tree,
it will live its whole life believing it is stupid!

Whatever happened to motivating high schoolers to follow their hearts? Goes to show why many of the best brains of the world, were not graduates! So, when does one follow ones true calling? How does one recognize true calling, in order to respond to it.

I know of individuals who have chosen to follow their hearts. And no, it probably does not monetize as much as the high flying corporate job in a multi-national.

But, it does pay! It pays in the implicit means, rewards difficult to tag.

This post is not to argue about choice majors and careers, this is just to leave my thoughts out in the void, hoping that, for all those articles merging and trending ‘jobs, majors, money and economy’, there is one voice in disagreement.

For, after all, there ARE somethings, money cannot buy…