The present education system is flawed; this system of education fails to understand the child, doesn’t cater to its needs, dissociates the child from its natural tendencies and above all fails to create a questioning mind.

This imperfection originates from its evaluation system. The evaluation system, rather than the teaching- learning process is the core of this malady. In the present market oriented world, the end product determines the strategies.

Similarly, the evaluation system tailors the teaching- learning process. The evaluation system rather than helping to build up on the knowledge of our own self and recognize our strengths & weaknesses; it distracts us to comparisons, comparing my abilities to my peer group!

How useful is this?

Does it really matter that I know much more than what ‘P’ knows  or less than what ‘R’ knows, unless I know what I should know given my abilities and potentialities…

Some inadequacies in the present evaluation system:

  • it is not dynamic.
  • too much emphasis on rote memorization and ignores the meta-cognitive abilities.
  • not the real measure of student’s potential.
  • limited scope for diagnosis and remediation.
  • whatever is tested is taught and whatever is taught is tested i.e. examination centered.
  • perpetuates psychological fear and tension.
  • no scope for creativity.

So, how do we improve this system???

to start with:

  • lets make the process and product of evaluation meaningful from a child’s perspective.
  • lets integrate evaluation as a CONTINUOUS part of the teaching-learning process, both formally and informally. Let’s not restrict it to a one-day, end-of course activity.
  • construct evaluation as a comprehensive process which makes use of multiple tools and techniques to gather information on different aspects of learning.
  • compose evaluation as a cooperative process, collaborate with peers and parents and teachers. Much of the learning, takes place beyond the four walls, lets accept it.
  • invent evaluation as a dynamic process.

if the above aspects of evaluation are kept in mind, there is no doubt that it will lead to bringing about qualitative improvement in education…