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    As someone who has zero experience with blogs or webpages, I chose to keep this as simple as possible by sticking to an existing theme and just customizing the site where needed.

    I chose to use a theme titled “Beauty Clean” because it was nice and simple, exactly what someone with my high levels of inexperience needed.  The separate pages I published would be easily identifiable at the top of the page, good for both myself and anyone who viewed my blog. Honestly, I liked the way it gave me the option of giving the blog its title – Six Days Short of a Week – with a subtitle that further explained why I had created the blog. While I liked the idea of using a play on words for the title I thought a subtitle explaining the use of the blog was needed.

    The ability to upload my own picture as the header further sold me on this theme. I chose the picture I did for three main reasons. The first being the laid-back vibe of the picture, I like the peaceful vibes the image gives off. The second reason is the colors of the photo not clashing with the red and grey of the text – the text came in those colors and I haven’t yet figured out how to change it. Finally, my horse is a large part of my life and if the blog was supposed to accurately reflect my life then she couldn’t be left out. After choosing the picture, I changed the color used in the background to a maroon that I felt complimented the page. Maroon seemed to balance out not only Lilly’s fur and the sunset in the background of the image but also the red and grey of the text.

    I then published three placeholder pages for the assignments we’ll be completing for this course – “Interrogate an Interface”, “Remix a Story”, and “Literacy Narrative”. I wanted to have the placeholders so I could see the way those links would look at the top of the page.

    The “About Me” page was then published…after being edited more than a few times. I chose to explain here why I titled the site the way I did, why the site was created and how I planned to use it, and then a little bit about myself. Sharing what I’m studying and what I’m involved in gives viewers a little more insight into my life and might even give them a greater understanding of why my blog looks the way it does. Finally, I wrote about what I think I want to do with my life. At the bottom of the page I inserted three images that I felt applied to what I had written in the page because I know that I, for one, am a visual person and think that all text on a page gets very boring, very fast.

    I went back after and added the Random Musings page. I thought it would be interesting to keep a running tab of any songs, poems, images, etc. that I was inspired by while writing blog entries or working on assignments. It’s an experiment of sorts, as I plan to look back at the end of the semester and see what I posted.

    I set the site up so that my latest posts will be displayed on the front page as opposed to a static front page – if I’m going to publish a post than I want it to be somewhere viewers can easily get to it. For that reason I also chose to have the posts display in full as opposed to a summary being published. I did, however, leave the search and archive functions accessible. That way anyone viewing my site will quickly and easily be able to find what they’re looking for.

    I hope you enjoy Six Days Short of a Week!