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  • Remix a Story

    My remix was focused on The Little Mermaid.

    Originally, I considered completely remixing the story. I wanted to take the characters and put them in a different situation and see how they reacted. However, I ended up deciding that I was more interested in sticking to the original story and looking at how social media would change it. That was more of a challenge, trying to find a logical, realistic way to follow the story line but with the changes brought on by the use of Facebook.

    While I looked at three version of it I ended up focusing primarily on the Disney movie when I made my remix decisions. I was focused on mostly high school and college aged individuals when I was making my project; we all know the basic story from having seen the movie as a kid and we use social media to interact with our friends on a daily basis. I focused on Facebook with the remix because I feel that’s the most universal form of social media; while many people do have Twitter accounts and Instagram accounts the majority of people use Facebook. It also allowed me to incorporate the most information because it doesn’t have a character limit and makes it easier to share pictures.

    I wanted to tell the story of The Little Mermaid in a way that hadn’t been seen before with a story line that logically fit. Once Eric and Ariel became friends on Facebook the main plot point was irrelevant, so I changed the ending to better fit my purpose, which wasn’t just to tell the story but to tell it in a way that logically fit my medium. I also wanted to look at the way using social media to tell the story affected the way we viewed the story and/or the characters. We don’t get to see the background story leading up to some actions or decisions when we’re only given a status or a picture.

    I made a fake Facebook profile for Prince Eric and Ariel, covering the events of the story from each characters point of view, including interactions with characters we don’t get to see in the Disney movie.

    I didn’t like the idea of just having the two profiles and needing to scroll through them. I really wanted to find a way to combine the two because I feel that in order to accurately tell the story you need both profiles. I decided to use Prezi because I had never made a Prezi before and I wanted to try something new.