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  • Background Information

    Last semester I gave a speech in Public Speaking comparing courses taken in a traditional classroom setting and courses taken online. Research for that project led me to a whole world of infographics like the one below:

    This infographic was published by Design Beep , along with 9 other infographics about online education.

    This infographic was published by Design Beep, along with 9 other infographics about online education.

    Infographics have become wildly successful in the last few years. Used to portray a large amount of information in one, convenient place, infographics are being published by non-profit organizations and corporations more frequently.

    Thanks to websites like Infogr.am, however, they can be created by anyone. ┬áThe site allows you to use preloaded designs – not only the basic templates, but existing excel charts for graphs as well as maps and symbols – to create a graphic about any topic your heart desires. A simple Google search reveals infographics on everything from how to properly do the Gangham Style dance to whether or not your undergraduate degree is worth it. There’s even infographics on why you should make infographics.

    In this review, I’m going to interrogate the website from the viewpoint of someone who has both never used this site and never created an infographic. I review the process of using the site to create an infographic, taking an interest in what I felt worked well for the site and what I thought could be improved.