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  • Interrogate an Interface

    For our Digital and Media writing course we were given a project entitled “Interrogate an Interface”. The project tasked us with looking at a multimodal tool and interrogating how it functions, with a focus on the affordances and constraints of the website or the application. The tool I chose to work with for this project is Infogr.am.

    Infogr.am allows users to create, edit, and share infographics for various projects.  I decided to use this tool because I feel it’s very useful, yet very underrated. Infographics are being used to relay information more and more frequently, and are a much more interesting option than a traditional image or flyer, and this site makes it possible for Jane Doe to create a graphic with very little computer knowledge. While there is a “Pro” option, my interrogation only covers what is available to a user on the basic website.

    The different pages I’ve published will tell you all about my thoughts on this tool. I go over a brief discussion of the website, who I believe it was created forhow the website helps its users, how it hinders its users, and how I used it.

    Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 9.03.36 PM