Taylor Mundays blog for ENGL 3844
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  • About Me

    This site was created to keep track of my work for ENGL 3844, Digital and Media Writing. I plan to post information about my participation in the class periodically. The three major assignments for the course will also be published to this site.

    My name is Taylor Munday and I am a sophomore attending Virginia Tech. While I’m majoring in Communications, with a focus in Public Relations, I am double minoring in Leadership and Professional Writing. This course is required for my Professional Writing minor, but I hope to enjoy it while I’m here.

    When I graduate I hope to get a job focused on public outreach in some sort of public safety setting – either a police or fire department. The majority of my family members work in public safety and a life without lights and sirens would bore me to tears.

    I am a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma (a social sorority), the Red Cross Club, the Active Minds club, and the Student Government Association.  I’m an officer for Kappa Kappa Gamma as well as the Red Cross Club and a member of the Student Outreach Committee for SGA.

    At home I spend most of my time with my horse. I have a quarter horse, a twelve-year-old mare named Lilly of the Knight – Lilly for short. I’ve been a barn brat since I was six and I’ve had Lilly since I was eleven. When I’m at school I sincerely miss the smell of the horses and the feel of sore muscles after a good ride. The photo that appears on the homepage of my blog was taken of Lilly and I about two years ago.