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  • Blog Post for 4/24/14

    Posted on April 29th, 2014 tkm28 No comments

    What I Did Why I Did It
    Chose to ignore the end of the story in the movie, the play, and the original tale. I made my own ending. I didn’t like the way those endings played out on Facebook. I also didn’t think it was realistic. Ariel and Eric were bound to friend each other eventually, which would solve all of their problems
    Made Prince Eric’s Facebook account I really needed to start the actual work, and I was more excited for Prince Eric’s page than I was for Ariel’s. I did have to use a different website, though, because Fakebook wasn’t working out for my needs.
    Made a Prezi Account As soon as I’m done with the two Facebook accounts I need to take screenshots and put everything together into a Prezi for my presentation to the class.

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