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  • Peer Review

    Posted on April 15th, 2014 tkm28 No comments

    My peer review would have been stronger had I completed more of my project before this class. However, I did get some useful information out of our conversation:

    • The people I talked to liked the idea of making an account for Prince Eric, because thats stretching my imagination in that I have to tell a side of the story we haven’t seen that still ties back into the canon story. They liked the idea of having different accounts and showing the friendships between the characters.
    • They were worried about how best to present the project, and honestly so am I. Right now comparing posts between Ariel’s account and Eric’s account seems like the best idea, but I’m not entirely sure of how I’m going to complete that yet. There wasn’t an idea that we all felt strongly about, either way.
    • I wasn’t sure I wanted to make accounts for the animals in the movie (because it’s weird to make a Facebook account for a fish) but they encouraged me to do so. If we’re all going to accept that a crab can sing, than we should be able to accept that a crab can make a Facebook status about his performance.
    • They liked the idea of including audio links in my project. It tied the project more closely to the movie to include Kiss the Girl or Under the Sea, as those are two scenes that everyone remembers from the movie.
    • I need to remember that I’m supposed to be creating this from a twenty-something man’s perspective, not a teenage girls. It’s hard to put myself in Eric’s shoes sometimes but the end result will be stronger if I can remind myself to think like he would.
    • I need to complete more of the fake accounts before showing my project to others. I’ll be able to get more usable feedback if I have more of my project finished.

    Overall, it wasn’t a bad conversation. They like my idea and were able to reassure me on some of my decisions (including Sebastian, Scuttle, Flounder, and Ursula) and disagree with me on others. The only major decision I didn’t make much progress with was how I’m going to present the material to the class, but I’m not too worried about that, yet.


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    • It sounds like you still have a lot to work through. I like the direction you’re going in, but like you, I’m a little worried about the amount of work that is still needed. My advice would be to make some firm decisions by the end of today (Thursday) or tomorrow (Friday, the 18th) and stick with them. That way you can use all of next week to implement the ideas.

      One option might be to rank things as “Must Do” and “Want to Do” — and realize that as you get closer to the deadline, you may have to let some of the want to do items slide.

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