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  • Progress Report

    Posted on April 10th, 2014 tkm28 No comments

    What I Have Accomplished

    I haven’t accomplished as much as I probably should have by this point. This project was shifted to the back burner for the last week because I had other assignments due much sooner to knock out. That said, I have gotten a lot of work done.

    I researched each of the characters for the supplemental material I’ll use to make the pages more realistic. I listed their family members, their birthday, etcetera.

    I’ve found all of the images I plan to use for my project and kept a list of the URL’s in a Google doc so I know I’ll be able to go back and find them. They aren’t in the order they need to be used, but I have put them all in once place that will make them easy to find when I need them.

    I also made the outline for each of the profiles I’m going to create. I listed out every status, image shared, friend request accepted, and event RSVP’d to for each of the characters. For each status/image/friend request/event I also listed who would comment and what they would say. This helped me keep track of where I was in the story and how well I did of portraying important events through social media.

    That said, I also came up with a more firm idea of how to present that to the class. I’m going to create a Prezi presentation that compares the way Ariel and Eric react to different events. It will come up as “The day they met” and then switch to two screenshots of their statuses. My goal here is to compare and contrast the way men and women think about different events and not just the way the two characters reacted.

    What I Need To Do

    Unfortunately, I still have a lot to get done.

    While I have outlined the posts I’m going to make and found the images I’m going to use, I haven’t actually made either FakeBook account. I’ve played around with the site to get a general sense of what I’m doing but I plan on actually sitting down and putting the accounts together this weekend.

    When I finish the accounts I need to create the Prezi that I’ll use for the class. I plan on only covering the major parts of the story for the Prezi account because I don’t think it will be fun or entertaining for the class if I include every post I make, so I need to narrow down the events I want to compare.

    I also need to watch the movie. I haven’t seen the Little Mermaid in years, and I’ve been basing all of what I’ve done on my memory, the Hans Christian Anderson version and internet research. I plan to watch the movie tomorrow to pick up the details I’ve left out.

    Concerns I Need to Address

    I’m slightly concerned that I haven’t altered the story enough. The only new content I’ve created is Prince Eric’s viewpoint throughout the story, and I worry that isn’t enough. I’m excited about my idea and putting myself in the head of a Disney Prince has been driving me crazy, but I’m still not totally sure.

    I’m also concerned about the presentation. I’m not sure how long my presentation will take and I don’t want it to be too short. At the same time, I don’t want to bore the class with every single fake post I create.

    I’m confidant I will get my project done in time, I’m just a little worried about the quality of it at this point.


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    • Hopefully, I gave you enough details on the presentations in class today for that part of your worrying to be taken care of. Keep doing what you’re doing, and don’t worry so much about whether it’s “different enough.” As long as you are not copying the original, it’s fine — and I’m sure you’re not just copying any of the original versions.

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