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  • Blog Post for 4/24/14

    Posted on April 29th, 2014 tkm28 No comments

    What I Did Why I Did It
    Chose to ignore the end of the story in the movie, the play, and the original tale. I made my own ending. I didn’t like the way those endings played out on Facebook. I also didn’t think it was realistic. Ariel and Eric were bound to friend each other eventually, which would solve all of their problems
    Made Prince Eric’s Facebook account I really needed to start the actual work, and I was more excited for Prince Eric’s page than I was for Ariel’s. I did have to use a different website, though, because Fakebook wasn’t working out for my needs.
    Made a Prezi Account As soon as I’m done with the two Facebook accounts I need to take screenshots and put everything together into a Prezi for my presentation to the class.
  • What I’ve accomplished for 04/17/14

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    What I Did Why I Did It
    Started putting together Prince Eric’s FakeBook account Prince Eric’s account is more important to my project than Ariels is because this is where the most new material is coming from. That said, I want to focus more of my energy on knocking out his version of events.

    His is also the most difficult. It’s much easier for me to put myself in the head of a teenage girl than the head of a twenty-year old guy, even if the girl is a mermaid.

    Edited the pictures to fit the Fakebook format I had to use Photoshop to make the images I wanted to use for their profile pictures and cover photos the appropriate size for the website. It helps me work on the status updates and other posts if I already have the framework completed.
    Watched the Disney movie I decided to base the content of my project predominantly on the Disney version of this story because the Hans Christian Anderson version is a little too dark for me and the musical is too fluffy. That said, I needed to re-watch the movie to make sure I wasn’t forgetting any important plot points.

    This also helped me decide which events I was going to compare with the the Prezi.

  • Peer Review

    Posted on April 15th, 2014 tkm28 No comments

    My peer review would have been stronger had I completed more of my project before this class. However, I did get some useful information out of our conversation:

    • The people I talked to liked the idea of making an account for Prince Eric, because thats stretching my imagination in that I have to tell a side of the story we haven’t seen that still ties back into the canon story. They liked the idea of having different accounts and showing the friendships between the characters.
    • They were worried about how best to present the project, and honestly so am I. Right now comparing posts between Ariel’s account and Eric’s account seems like the best idea, but I’m not entirely sure of how I’m going to complete that yet. There wasn’t an idea that we all felt strongly about, either way.
    • I wasn’t sure I wanted to make accounts for the animals in the movie (because it’s weird to make a Facebook account for a fish) but they encouraged me to do so. If we’re all going to accept that a crab can sing, than we should be able to accept that a crab can make a Facebook status about his performance.
    • They liked the idea of including audio links in my project. It tied the project more closely to the movie to include Kiss the Girl or Under the Sea, as those are two scenes that everyone remembers from the movie.
    • I need to remember that I’m supposed to be creating this from a twenty-something man’s perspective, not a teenage girls. It’s hard to put myself in Eric’s shoes sometimes but the end result will be stronger if I can remind myself to think like he would.
    • I need to complete more of the fake accounts before showing my project to others. I’ll be able to get more usable feedback if I have more of my project finished.

    Overall, it wasn’t a bad conversation. They like my idea and were able to reassure me on some of my decisions (including Sebastian, Scuttle, Flounder, and Ursula) and disagree with me on others. The only major decision I didn’t make much progress with was how I’m going to present the material to the class, but I’m not too worried about that, yet.

  • Progress Report

    Posted on April 10th, 2014 tkm28 No comments

    What I Have Accomplished

    I haven’t accomplished as much as I probably should have by this point. This project was shifted to the back burner for the last week because I had other assignments due much sooner to knock out. That said, I have gotten a lot of work done.

    I researched each of the characters for the supplemental material I’ll use to make the pages more realistic. I listed their family members, their birthday, etcetera.

    I’ve found all of the images I plan to use for my project and kept a list of the URL’s in a Google doc so I know I’ll be able to go back and find them. They aren’t in the order they need to be used, but I have put them all in once place that will make them easy to find when I need them.

    I also made the outline for each of the profiles I’m going to create. I listed out every status, image shared, friend request accepted, and event RSVP’d to for each of the characters. For each status/image/friend request/event I also listed who would comment and what they would say. This helped me keep track of where I was in the story and how well I did of portraying important events through social media.

    That said, I also came up with a more firm idea of how to present that to the class. I’m going to create a Prezi presentation that compares the way Ariel and Eric react to different events. It will come up as “The day they met” and then switch to two screenshots of their statuses. My goal here is to compare and contrast the way men and women think about different events and not just the way the two characters reacted.

    What I Need To Do

    Unfortunately, I still have a lot to get done.

    While I have outlined the posts I’m going to make and found the images I’m going to use, I haven’t actually made either FakeBook account. I’ve played around with the site to get a general sense of what I’m doing but I plan on actually sitting down and putting the accounts together this weekend.

    When I finish the accounts I need to create the Prezi that I’ll use for the class. I plan on only covering the major parts of the story for the Prezi account because I don’t think it will be fun or entertaining for the class if I include every post I make, so I need to narrow down the events I want to compare.

    I also need to watch the movie. I haven’t seen the Little Mermaid in years, and I’ve been basing all of what I’ve done on my memory, the Hans Christian Anderson version and internet research. I plan to watch the movie tomorrow to pick up the details I’ve left out.

    Concerns I Need to Address

    I’m slightly concerned that I haven’t altered the story enough. The only new content I’ve created is Prince Eric’s viewpoint throughout the story, and I worry that isn’t enough. I’m excited about my idea and putting myself in the head of a Disney Prince has been driving me crazy, but I’m still not totally sure.

    I’m also concerned about the presentation. I’m not sure how long my presentation will take and I don’t want it to be too short. At the same time, I don’t want to bore the class with every single fake post I create.

    I’m confidant I will get my project done in time, I’m just a little worried about the quality of it at this point.

  • Working on Eric’s account; 04/03/14

    Posted on April 3rd, 2014 tkm28 No comments

    What I Did Why I Did It
    Finished the outline of Ariel’s Facebook Account It will be easier to go back and make the account if I know ahead of time what she’s going to post about, what pictures will be included when, and who I want to comment on the different activity.
    Started the outline of Eric’s Facebook Account Eric’s Facebook is harder to imagine because we don’t see what he’s doing for the whole story. I’ll have to take a lot of creative license when imagining what he was doing and how he was reacting during different parts of the story. This makes it difficult because I’m not exactly

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  • Deciding on two FakeBook Accounts; 4/01/14

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    What i Did Why I Did It
    Made a list of the most memorable or important points of the story I don’t think I can cover the entire movie on FakeBook, it will be more realistic to only cover events that were important to the characters
    Decided to make a FakeBook account for Prince Eric as well as Ariel I decided it’d be more fun to compare the way the two characters reacted to different events from the story. Also, I’ll have more freedom with Prince Eric’s account because the movie didn’t show us his opinion on most of the events so I’ll be able to create those reactions as I see fit.

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