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  • Deciding to use DisneyWiki

    Posted on March 27th, 2014 tkm28 No comments
    What i Did Why I Did It
    Chose to use images almost exclusively found on Flickr Images on Flickr don’t create any copyright issues. There are plenty of pictures people have taken on The Little Mermaid Ride or of those characters during parades that I should be able to find all of the images that I need.
    Started a FakeBook account The sooner I start working with the tool and using the greater my understanding will be and the better the finished product will be. Also, using FakeBook instead of making a real account takes out any legality issues that may have created, as well.

    DisneyWiki pages

    I know the story of The Little Mermaid by heart, but I don’t know her birthday or her sisters names or other little details that would be found on a FaceBook page. This is a nice, easy way to have all of that information in one spot that I can continuously come back to.

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