The Cluttered Desk

Does the environment in which you work have any effect on your ability to focus?

Some people like to do work in bed; some people like to do their work in the library. It all depends on where you are most productive. I often feel as though environment can really have an impact on ability to focus.

My favorite place to study is the library, in a cubicle, by myself. This is probably the best place I can be to study because there is no clutter around me and there are no people to distract me. The math emporium is another option since it is set up so that you have your own space and a large screen computer as well.

My least favorite place to study is at my desk in my room since my desk is a disorderly mess. When there are things all over my desk to distract me, my attention span tends to be very short. When my bed is near me and I have the option to get in bed and go to sleep, it is even shorter.

So why do I continue to try to do my work in my room?

Maybe because I am too lazy to pack my stuff up and go somewhere else to study, but then there is also the idea that being in a cluttered area can actually make you more creative. As Einstein allegedly said:

“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign.”

If a cluttered desk is supposed to make you more creative, and an uncluttered desk more productive, then maybe creative thinking should be done in a chaotic environment, and the parts that require more focus done in an orderly place.