Tap That

With all the new touch-screen technology out today, even traditional forms of writing are becoming more modernized. Take, for example, the traditional academic essay. Times New Roman, 8.5×11,include sources at end. Prompt to be announced.

Depending on the theme, this piece has more than enough potential to die right there on the page, scanned lightly under the eyes of the teacher. Emotions are non existent. Images are reduced to 12 point font adjectives.

But what if there were a way to give new life to these compositions? What if what was written deserves more than this MLA-styled jail cell?

There’s a new app called Tapestry that turns essays into a tactile and visual experience. Made for use on touch-screen devices such as the iPad or iPhone, the “tap essay” lets readers pace themselves when going through the essay.

Stories ranging from 2-screen, animated gif jokes to statistic-laden informational essays fill https://readtapestry.com/. The reader physically taps (get it?) the screen, advancing the story. The catch though, is that once tapped, the screen doesn’t turn back. So pay attention.

Personally, I found the format to be annoying, as the tap authors are able to do pretty much anything to make the reader wait for the text- such as having to tap for every word to appear, in some cases. After creating my own though, the style grew on me, and I experimented with pauses, sizes, and emphasis.

Check out my finished product on Tapestry- Cleverly Malicious Graffiti: Civil War Edition

Curious about Tapestry? Try it for yourself; it just might surprise you.