Pack It Up!

As the semester comes to a close, the first thing you think of is “I’m done with finals!!!!!” So exciting right? That finals week is pretty rough on people. So rough that when I go to the Torg Bridge to study in one of many iMac desks, there are none available so I have to do my work in the quiet floor. WHY DO YOU GUYS DO THAT TO ME?

Anyways, I don’t really panic when finals week comes so my first thought is “I don’t want to pack” when break is near. One of the things I hate the most in the world is packing. Most of my friends actually like packing because they say it “adds to the excitement” for the event they are packing for which is in this case, going home. Well I hate it. Why you ask? Because I just hate it. I don’t like the idea of compacting and decreasing the amount of stuff I need in order to travel or for anything else. High maintenance? No. I’m just lazy when it comes to thinking of how to organize how to pack. I think I’m pretty disciplined since I do the stuff I tell myself to do but when it comes to packing, I procrastinate. And I mean procrastinate really really hard.

This case with packing to go home is the worst for me since I’m moving out of my apartment this semester so I have to pack ALL of my stuff. I’ve been doing a little packing here and there but majority still remains to be waiting to be packed away. Saturday is the deadline and hopefully, I can get it finished. Fingers crossed!

Rant aside, ironically, I don’t mind unpacking. Actually I find unpacking therapeutic since I get to put everything in place where they belong. There is a sense of relief and satisfaction I feel. Mind works differently for everybody I guess. I probably won’t unpack all of my stuff since I’ll be moving into College of William and Mary so until then, I shall be antsy seeing all my stuff in boxes and bags in the corner of the living room. Darn!


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I Love the English Department!

Virginia Tech. It may be biased coming from a student, but it is a great school. To add, it has a great English department where I feel just at home every time I visit the building.

As a sophomore now, I have a general idea of how teachers are going to teach from the first couple of days. In my freshmen year, I had to take a lot of first year classes with various social science classes, which were not really what I had in mind when I applied to be an English major in Virginia Tech. Although I knew all schools have these requirements, I felt kind of betrayed and cheated when they threw different social science classes at me when I stepped into campus. I wanted to take English classes dang it!

I eventually just bit my tongue and sucked it up. I signed up for different classes to fulfill the requirements and had mixture of English, math, geosciences, and horticulture. Personally, my schedule looked odd and confusing but it was something I had to do. Now that I look back, I’ve come to appreciate all my English teachers. It seemed to me that a lot of the science or math related classes were dull and the teachers were not as uplifting and personal with the students. Understandably, there were certain classes that had over 300 people and it’s hard to become personal to each of them but I think it would’ve been better for the professor to be spirited at least. Some science professors I had just read through the PowerPoint slides and it resulted in just banal and boring lectures. It’s hard for students to be engaged and be interested in topics they “have” to take when the professors are not encouraging them to be.

However, all of my English professors (and yes I do mean ALL of them) were so passionate and enthusiastic about the subject they were teaching. Once I took a American Literature with a professor as a required course for English majors and I was dreading it the first week. However, the professor was so animated and spunky that he made the topic of discussion more interesting than it really was. He’s a sneak one isn’t he? Hahaha. But it worked. I prefer to observe the class rather than speaking but he subconsciously urged me to speak about my views and opinions on the stories and guess what? I had great discussions. I think it has changed me permanently and from then on, I noticed that I speak out and express my views more in lectures. This experience is basically the same for every English professor I’ve had so far. They push me to learn about the things I’m not particularly interested in and I think that’s a great characteristic to have as a professor in a big college where students just pass through the day with classes they “have” to take. I just want to tell the English department that YOU ARE THE BEST.
I’m not saying that all science or math classes have horrible boring professors but it’s particularly hard to find teachers that really grasp the student’s interest and attention. I’ve had few geography classes that had great interactive professors  who taught me so much about the Earth and they truly did make an impact on my life. So I want to give them a shout out too.
So on that note, keep moving students. There are professors who really care about you!

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That Workout Though…

I don’t look like it but I workout a lot. With a small frame, many people think I’m naturally thin and that typical “skinny girl.” Although I do get my slim figure due to genetics from my parents, I think it’s unfair that it’s okay for people to criticize “skinny” people but it’s a taboo for individuals to call people fat.

I think I’ve been through a lot of experience as an individual when it comes to people’s rude comments and critiques. And truly, I think people make those “shut up you’re skinny” remarks because of their own insecurities and jealousies and personally, that’s not the “skinny” person’s problem but rather the opposition’s. Why is it okay for people to tell slim individuals to go to McDonald’s and eat a Big Mac but it’s not okay for people to tell fat people that they need to get on the treadmill and run 3 miles? The double standard is not fair and I see the flaw in that system and how the society is working around it.

There are variety of sizes when it comes to humans and that’s shown in my group of people I know in Virginia Tech. I’m often scared to share my own criticisms on my body because I know I’ll receive those stereotypical remarks like “shut up. You’re so skinny though.” Although I am that “skinny” girl, I see some needed improvements every time I look at the mirror. It’s not like I’m trying to weight but rather build muscle. Even though I’ve been doing high intensity interval training for a while now, I attempt to achieve more and more. I wished that people would understand my opinions and stop shutting me down because of their own self-image problems and insecurities.

I watch the Biggest Loser everyday just to become inspired by individuals who have reached the lowest low with their obesity and push their limits to become a healthier and fit individuals. There should be more people like the contestants on the Biggest Loser, where people take action to take care of themselves and reach their goals rather than taking their frustration out on others.
Although I complain about the problem, I know it won’t go away overnight. I just wished that people were more considerate when it comes to sensitive topic such as weight and self-image and not just towards obesity but also people who are slim as well.

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It’s That Time Again…

Middle of December has hit us now. It’s time for most of us to wrap up our exams and head home. Another semester has come to an end. And let me tell you, college goes by like a speed of light. Sounds cliche but it feels like I just started this semester a day ago. I don’t know where the time has gone. It feels like this every semester… and every year. As the years pass, I realize that my workload and toughness within the work will become bigger and harder. While I’m a little excited for all this work to be over (plus the student loans!), I’m having so much fun at school with my Virginia Tech family that there is a bitterness that I feel at the same time. There are mixtures of feelings that often feel confusing and ambiguous and I can’t wrap my head around the idea that in a few years, I must face the real world (or go to graduate school). Is it bad that I don’t want all the responsibilities that will be presented for me? I hope somebody out there feels my pain as well.
This year, however, is a little different. Not only do I feel sad about another semester passing by, I am also leaving Virginia Tech. That’s what I call double whammy. I will be attending the College of William and Mary next semester. Why you ask? Why leave the great Virginia Tech and their nationally ranked foods? Well, I came to a conclusion that I need more of a liberal school to fulfill my goals and dreams. I came to Virginia Tech because since the beginning of high school, it was a school I wanted to go to. I saw the beautiful campus, the ambiance, the people, and so much more and was automatically captivated by this school. And so I came here. It’s not that I don’t like Virginia Tech anymore. Actually as the semesters go by, I make stronger friendships and meet great professors so it’s harder to leave this place. My reason for leaving is that I believe I deserve the highest form of education that can be provided for me concerning my major and goals. Currently I am an English major and will double major in History when I go to College of William and Mary. I came to a conclusion that the “best” of me cannot be achieved here but over there. However my reasons aside, it frightens me to think that I will have to start all over again. I need to make new friends, take new courses, learn the campus, and the list goes on. It’s as if I am a freshmen all over again (since I also have to go to orientation). But, I believe that things will turn out alright as long as I try my hardest. And that’s what I’ll do.

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Something is Off…

On Saturday night, I was studying for my exams. I know it sounds kind of sad but I really want my As for exams so I stayed in rather than hanging out with friends last night. I went to sleep after a night’s hard work hoping to get some rest when during my sleep at 3:30AM, I got texts. When I say texts, I mean sudden overflow of texts at once. Ignoring them, I went back to sleep. Then another segment of continuous texts came an hour later. You can say that I was failing at getting sleep. I finally put my phone on silence and went back to savor the time I have to sleep until my morning workout at 7:30AM.

Then it happened. I heard crackling sounds and woke up at 6AM trying to figure out what the sound was and where it was coming from. I thought maybe it was the people upstairs so I tried ignoring it until the sound came back. I finally realized that it was hailing. I took a glance outside and the ground was covered in white fluff while the hail was hitting against the window next to my bed. To add to my misery in that I couldn’t sleep properly, the apartment temperature was way lower than I expected. As soon as I woke up to check out what was happening, my body was shivering from the chilly house. I dragged my feet to the living room to turn the heater on and rushed back into my covers. It was now 6:45AM and I knew I would not be able to wake up early for my regular workouts today. So, I just dug into my sheets and covers and went to sleep.
When I woke up, it was 9:30AM. I still felt tired but I knew I couldn’t do anything about that. I needed to wake up and start my day, eat breakfast, and initiate studying. So that’s what I did.
However, something felt off. I didn’t feel like my usual self and energized. I just shook it off prepared for my day. I felt tired and began to doze off from the PowerPoint slides I was studying. My eyes shut and I took a nap for an hour. When I awoke, I was confused to why I fell asleep. Why was I confused? It’s because I never take naps. It’s been a while since I fell asleep in the middle of the day.
While attempting to wake myself up, I comprehended why my day is “off” today. I didn’t work out. Due to the chains of unfortunate events that occurred that disrupted my sleeping schedule, I couldn’t work out. It’s weird to realize such thing but that’s what I concluded with.
I think it’s amazing how going off one’s schedule can affect the day and how that day can go. I worked out few hours after and felt much rejuvenated. It was definitely the workout.

What’s your schedule? Is there something in your daily schedule that can disrupt your mood or feelings if not followed through?

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Is it Me…? Or is it You?

I’m not a procrastinator. I like to get work done in timely fashion and usually early, just so I can get it over with and have a hint of free time later on.
That being said, I study a lot. A lot as in I clock in at least 30 hours of studying/homework time in the library weekly.
I’m not really a science person. English is my major for many reasons, one being that I don’t want to work with chemicals and equations. However, as usual, colleges make you take first-year classes that are mandatory. Two of them being in the science category. Being not the math and science kind of person in high school, I knew it was going to be another struggle for me in college to get through these classes that I had to dreadfully pick out.

During my freshmen year, I took geology. I know, that’s the most “science” anybody will get from me. It wasn’t too bad but I had to work really hard to maintain an A. I felt as if my major was not the problem but rather these useless required classes. This year as a sophomore, I took geography. I thought that I might as well follow the trend I put myself on and maybe further extend my knowledge about the Earth and the process of nature.

Now I must say that I studied for this geography class like there was no tomorrow. I began studying for exams 2 weeks prior to the exam day so that I can be prepared. However, all my efforts were crushed with a C+. All that work, all that memorization, and all that time spent on absorbing the lecture notes from this geography ended up being useless. The second test, I even went further. I was determined to get an A so I made about 60 flashcards with images, definitions, names, and time frames from the given lectures. Guess what? The same score. Yep. I got another C+.
I was so perplexed and angry after I got the test score. It was just a first level class but I studied so hard for it but ended up with C+. So after, I questioned my studying habits.
My studying skills and habits always worked for other classes in the past so I was confused to why I was receiving lower scores. Was it how I memorized certain things? Was it that I am not looking at all the details in the pictures given in the lectures? Did I not understand it correctly?
The possibilities were endless.
Then, I thought, “Is it my teacher?”
I know, professors have superfluous knowledge of the given subject they teach but does that really make them good “teachers” or just people with great amount of knowledge?
I can’t say for sure if my geography teacher is the reason why I am not getting the scores I think I deserve or if I am just not utilizing my notes better than I should.
But for now, all I can say is that I WANT MY A FOR THE TEST.

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Cyber Monday Crazy

For those who don’t want to lose a leg and an arm for a shirt that’s 50% off, there is Cyber Monday for you. You don’t have to wake up early at 5AM or stay up until 3AM in order to get those mediocre deals in the mall near you. And two most important things that’s so great about Cyber Monday is that you don’t have to wait 20 minutes to get a fitting room. Why buy clothes when they might not look good on you so fitting room is a must right? Also the lines. Oh those long lines for checkout. Waiting in line for 30 minutes to buy the clothes are also one of the dreadful acts of Black Friday. After 15 minutes, you’re probably asking yourself “is this really worth my legs being cramped?” where eventually, you settle your morals when you see that gleam of light at the end of the tunnel that the clothes you picked out are VERY MUCH worth the wait… and the pain.

I am a victim of those deals too. I went Black Friday shopping this year at 10PM on Thursday and already, there were hoards of people walking around with oversized shopping bags. And the parking. Let me tell you, we got lucky on the parking. If you have gone Black Friday shopping, forget the shopping, lets find the parking spot first… which might take up half your shopping time. It’s dreadful.
However, I had a strict list for myself what to buy and I went in to the outlet mall and swiftly came out in 2 hours. You can say it was productive night of shopping. I was not going to be at the mall for over 4 hours just to get couple of things. But that’s just me.

So, I shopped on Cyber Monday. I only bought couple of things on Black Friday that I knew I wouldn’t be able to get deals on Cyber Monday so I was very much ready to go crazy with the plastic in my hand.
Now now, it was not all for me. I think Black Friday and Cyber Mondays are perfect times to shop for Christmas gifts so I did just that and spent half the money I saved for shopping on gifts and half on myself. And let me tell you, I felt so productive. Clicking away things on the screen and just plugging in my card number and being done with all of my Christmas shopping in about an hour? Victorious.

Now, I’m not demoting Black Friday. I truly do believe they have good sales but sometimes, I see the articles about injuries and deaths from Black Friday and ask myself, is it worth it? Why go through all the trouble when you can get the deals as good online as the ones on Black Friday? It’s troubling sometimes.
However, shopping is great. Buying stuff is gives people a sense of satisfaction and excitement to wear the new clothing the next day.
So happy shopping everybody!

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Surpluses of Hashtags…

These days, almost everybody has a smart phone. Excuse me, I meant almost everybody has an iPhone to be more precise.

Smartphones can be your best friend, a buddy when you get lost, a provider of numerous games, and most importantly, it’s a gateway to the social networking sites.
Now this is nothing new.
Social networking has been the “thing” for years now since Xanga or Myspace (oh those days…) and it’s continuously growing. However I cannot get over how the current social networking sites have altered how people interact with each other.

Back in the days (in my grandma voice), when you had Myspace, you would type up really cool ways to say certain words like kewl, $UMM3R, lawlz, coolz, and so on. I know… it brings back memories right? Remember when everybody tried to incorporate numbers into their words? Hahaha oh goodness.

Now, in the present people say out loud the things they would type. I walk across Virginia Tech campus and always, I hear “hashtag” with miscellaneous claims. Personally, I don’t understand why it is necessary to say the word “hashtag.” YOU’RE NOT LIVING INSIDE TWITTER! (or are you…). To make the matters worse, people use hashtags on Facebook now too. I do not use Twitter for various reasons but when I do log into my Facebook account, sometimes there are rows of people with their statuses and at the end of it *drumroll* a hashtag whatever. I tried escaping the hashtag epidemic but it really is impossible.

My question is what makes people want to translate their social networking world into reality? Is Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram so “real” now that people cannot tell reality from latter?

I’m confused. That is all

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Enjoying the Nature

I’ve come to realize how much I appreciate the nature throughout the few semesters I have spent at Virginia Tech. Although the school itself is pretty developed, many areas emit purity as well as a sense of solitude when I dwell amongst them.
Now, most of my appreciation comes from my morning jogs. My workout routine allows me to think about my plans for the day and de-stress. However, recently I found another factor that clears my head.
I run four times a week for three miles and every time I run, I pass fields of grass. Although that in itself isn’t really considered the “cream of the crop” type of nature, I have come to enjoy it more than ever before.
It is inevitable that cars will pass by me on the roads since I live in a more “developed” part of Virginia Tech, away from the farms. However, I look forward to running past the fields of grass because I can smell the distinct scent of grass and trees and it has a therapeutic effect. Aside from the light smoke that are emitted by cars, trucks, and busses, I look at it as a moment to recollect.

Back at home, I run around neighborhoods so all I see are houses so it gives me a sense of confinement whereas at Virginia Tech, I have this open space of nature (partially) that allows me to feel free. I think it’s the little things like that you gradually come to appreciate as you become more observant.
Now I’m not trying to go all “zen” on you guys but I think this epiphany I just had deserved a blog post.

Aside from that note, I am in a Physical Geography and Literature and Ecology classes. I think those two classes slightly opened my eyes to how I see nature in a local scale (such as Virginia Tech) as well as a global scale.
I recommend you guys take those two classes if you have the chance.
It’s a good way to be aware of the environment around you and how you can make little changes to help nature!
Signing out,

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Jeopardy Time!!!!!

While I’m having dinner and watching TV with my fellow roommates, Jeopardy came up with its well-known music which some may find annoying. I don’t find Jeopardy that entertaining as it brings attention to how little I know about national history or any fact at all aside from the rare pop culture questions that come up (even that… I don’t get them correct often).

I don’t know about you, but the part of my brain that retains information doesn’t work efficiently under pressure. When watching the three competitors call out the price and the category for their question, I wonder “are you ready? ARE  YOU READY?” because I am curious to if they have a switch where their brain categorizes information appropriately for the question and blurt out the answer. And I also wonder, “how do they stay so calm?” because if I was asked a question that most average people don’t ask me and was given 5 seconds to answer it, I would freak out, excrete nervous sweat, and be flustered and demand more  time from the host and the producers.

It’s amazing that these contestants have so much information in their brain. I wonder if they have secret VIP access to more than the 10%-20% (the average percentage) of the brain’s system . If they do, I envy them. I want my VIP pass too. Where can I get one?

In the current society where most people obtain information through technological advances (aka smartphones and laptops), I think it’s kind of cool to be basically be your own search engine. From what I see, most of these people probably don’t use Google too often. I wish I could ask the competitors “how do you know all of this?” I wonder if they’re born with the ability to absorb any kind of information they counter or if they had to study and meticulously work for their knowledge.
Tell me your secret!

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