Midterm Reports

So, last week we had a review in our Writing and Digital Media class.

We had to write down what we liked most about the class and what we wished would be improved.

As you might expect of a liberal arts class in a technology-central university, we admired the free atmosphere when most of our classes are very structured with rigid projects.

Also not surprising, the thing that we want to improve is the journals. The fact is that those assignments that you are not checked constantly on will not get done until the last minute. We had these journals due at the end of the semester, but most had stopped after the initial posts because there were most pressing assignments.

We now have our professor check for at least one blog post every week. Which is good in a way, but disastrous in others.

One, we not won’t wait ’til the last minute to do them

Two, we’re far too used to pushing them already that it’s hard to get into the habit of doing one every week

Three, I don’t really have a third currently, just feel the need to follow the rule of three. :)

But yeah, listening to some music put to animes that I know. Gotta say – feeling pretty bummed that I couldn’t pull something like that off for my first assignment in my Writing and Digital Media class. They even got the characters to lip-sync the words and dance to the beat of the music. Admittedly, we couldn’t put dancing characters to music as our project, but there is so much more I could have done if I’d put forth more effort.

Also, I learned that my video’s title “My Venetian Princess” will never be found on YouTube. :) Apparently, it’s a user who posts celeb song’s screen name as well as the name of a song. So I’m safe. It has only 10 views and all I can say is “Thank God”. I didn’t mean to subject all those poor YouTube viewers to my scintillating tale about how I got my doll. I didn’t realize we’d actually have to have people view it outside of class. Many pardons, you wretched viewers, that were looking for perhaps some droll humor on the song and instead had to listen to my voice….truthfully, I’m not sure whether I’m being sarcastic or not.


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Fall 2013 – English 3844 2013-09-18 16:01:22

ENGL 3844

I’d always wanted to be a princess.  /

My doll is a pretty pink princess, complete with jewels and lace.  /

The story of how I got her has become legend in my family.

It wasn’t a huge, momentous occasion, but it’s something that’s stuck around for years.  /

It comes with a bit of teasing for my parents as well and we all know how satisfying that can be.  /

When I was 11, my entire family went to Venice on vacation.  /

The day before we found my doll,  /  my sister and I were bored.

…So bored, that we decided  /  to play on the tables left in the plaza near our hotel.

We ran along them, climbed over them,  /  basically made monkeys of ourselves.  /

Then we got stopped by a roar from our dad. Literally. A roar.  /

“Get off the table!” he shouted at us, “merchants use those!”  /

“Get down!”  /

We got down when we saw how upset this was making him  /

We went into the hotel we were staying at,  /  played cards for a bit,  /  and went to sleep.

We woke up in the morning, getting ready for the day  /

We left the hotel for our last day in Venice.

And what we saw when we opened the door  /  was a teeming crowd of people.  /

There were merchants and ladies and little children with flushed faces…

…All standing  /  on the long line of wooden tables.  /

We were all quiet for a while, my sister and I smug, my parents struck dumb with surprise.  /

Then, finally, my dad recovered somewhat, shook himself, and muttered, “Well, would you look at that…”  /

With that, my sister and I dashed up onto the table, waiting politely for my parents to join us.  /

My sister and I settled down from our excitement and started walking along the tables, continuously glancing under us at the plaza’s stones and buildings stuck in the water.

As my eyes explored the vista again,  /  that’s when I saw it.

A little push-cart, out in the middle of the water,  /  filled with princesses.  /

My dad and I waded through the water to the cart  /

I picked my favorite one: a pink, parasol-ed, porcelain princess with golden hair.

That is the story of how I got my princess doll.  /

While we continuously rib our parents about this story during family gatherings,  /

…How I got over my princess obsession is another story.  /

Let’s just say…I learned that being a princess might be more dangerous than it looked.

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Fall 2013 – English 3844 2013-09-13 13:21:35


I seriously don’t feel well.

I’ve been trying for the past few days to drag myself into working on my project for my Writing & Digital Media class. But this sickness is seriously not helping. I’ve already got the storyboard and script sorted out. I’ll probably end up making a few adjustments, but overall I’m done.

Now I just need to find my pictures to use for the project. That part just got so much harder when our teacher introduced that we wouldn’t be able to just Google images and use them. Because they are copyrighted. Since I’m planning to be a patent lawyer, I figure it’s good juju to start respecting the laws governing copyrights…not that I didn’t follow them before. 9.9

But yeah, the problem is getting my mom, who knows where all the photos are for the video, to help me look for them. Right now, she’s sick as well — with the exact same germ that attacked me, showing symptoms at the same time as me, too. The day before my sister comes down to look at wedding dress accessories (jewelry & veil), caterers, and stuff. Can you imagine that? Trying on bridesmaid dresses  or sampling food dishes with a cold? *pinches nose in exasperation*

So yeah, still working on getting images. After that, it’s learning video editing. Woo. =/

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Fall 2013 – English 3844 2013-09-03 22:51:38

The second week of classes and I’ve already elevated myself to a new level of procrastination. Congratulations to me. For class, I’ve got to read the intro and first chapter for this book by Jody Shipka called “Toward a Composition Made Whole.” It’s not such as bad book. It’s not as dry as the textbooks for my other classes, which read like instruction manuals, but it’s not exactly the read of the century either. It uses too many quotes for that.

Some of the ideas introduced are pretty interesting though. I’ve always wanted to do something like the essay on pink ballet slippers that are talked about in the introduction — just haven’t gathered up the guts to see if my teachers would accept that. I figure, save it for the extra credit, so that if it falls flat, it won’t screw up your grade.

When Jody talked about his professor bringing in a children’s book to work into his lessons, it brought to mind one of my high school teachers — Mr. Lewis. He’s an English teacher and one of my favorite people. I go back to my old high school all the time to talk to him.

Anyway, every year, in class on Halloween…..actually, I think I’d be cooler to tell this in story format…never mind, too much effort. I might work that sort of thing into my next post.

Every year the unsuspecting class would come into his English room, thinking that it’d just be another day of class — talking about grammar, deciphering obscure poetical language, being harassed by an attention-getting cowbell — just the usual. Only to find an old over-stuffed armchair had been brought into the classroom and set at the front. Not only that – but the armchair was occupied by what could only be a grim reaper look-alike. Thankfully, it wasn’t real, just a mannequin. There were giant beanbag chairs and a nice, fluffy rug spread out just before the chair just begging to be curled up on.

The student’s were skeptical. Couldn’t be that Mr. Lewis intended them to actually be part of the nice scene, right? They all went to sit at their desks to await their teacher. Then the grim reaper started moving and the students turned pale as they watched their worst nightmare start coming to life.

Okay, not their worst nightmare. Don’t see how a teacher sitting in a squishy armchair could be, unless they were holding a red pen poised over your paper.

Mr. Lewis would read us the works of Edgar Allen Poe on Halloween and nothing brought his work more to life than that experience. In case you didn’t figure it out — the grim reaper was Mr. Lewis in costume. Will you look at that, I did manage to make it story-esque (yes, I know this isn’t a word).

Goes to show that learning can be improved in unconventional ways by using “multimodal” teaching styles.


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