Fall 2013 – English 3844 2013-12-13 19:26:01

Monday Oct. 14th


We finally took our tap essays into our Writing & Digital Media class to have our classmates read over them and point out where we could improve them.


They pointed out errors that I kind of already knew about and had tried to fix, but failed somehow to fix completely. That mostly included my title page where I’d overlaid the slow on the road with text which wasn’t really needed. That was because I couldn’t figure out how to put empty vertical space between the lines of text. After the class, I figured out how to do it. A WHOLE lot of spaces. Another thing was some text that blended into the background images. I had tried fixing that problem before class, but I simple couldn’t get them light enough using the opacity. Finally I ended up giving up since I had to keep going back to the Adobe Photoshop Elements program to decrease the opacity and then go back to Tapestry to see if you can see the text and still see the image’s colors. And it Never. Made. Any. Difference.


The group reviewing my work all agreed that I picked a subject that interested many, even those of my group that hadn’t really every been into the Pokémon franchise. So that was good. That was pretty much all they said on mine. I loved one of my classmates though. She talked about being the middle child. It was amazingly funny and extremely relatable. I loved it. I recommend everyone read it. I’m sorry that I don’t have the link, but you’ll probably find it if you search ‘middle child’ on the Tapestry website.

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Fall 2013 – English 3844 2013-12-13 19:25:33

Wednesday Oct. 9th


I think I can honestly say I’m in a love-hate relationship with Tapestry. I like the way they can turn out from what I’ve seen of other tap essays. I, however, hate having to deal with its interface. We talked over some of the shortcomings of the program in my Writing & Digital Media class today. It was more like commiserating since most people didn’t really have a way to make it’s issues manageable to us when we’re used to a lot of maneuverability in our mediums.


Okay, here are my complaints about Tapestry, most of which don’t have a solution except to write the creator to get them to fix it (which they won’t, because the simplicity is the point) or to deal with it.


  • Only one picture per slide unless you combine them outside Tapestry
  • You can’t arrange the text on a slide to have two different alignments
  • The textbox blocks the slider that rotates your through the slide previews
  • There are others, but I can’t think of them right now…..


Basically, love reading these tap essays, hate creating them. They are better than the straight 5-paragraph essays though. Way better.

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Fall 2013 – English 3844 2013-12-13 19:25:00

Monday Oct. 7th


Today in my Writing & Digital Media class we discussed the writing process some more. Our professor asked us to draw out where we normally work on writing. I drew my bed. Others drew their desks or the great outdoors. That made me think about all the other places I could take my work. I could write on the hammock that’s strung up in my backyard or even by the neighborhood pond. There’s something calming about working out in nature and I think that might transfer more into my writing. Most of my works have a rather dark undertone when it comes to the fictional pieces I write. Maybe a change of scenery will help me insert a little lightheartedness into them.

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Fall 2013 – English 3844 2013-12-13 19:24:18

Wednesday Oct. 2nd


Today I started working with Tapestry. We read some of the tap essays that other users have created. I found that my favorites were ones created by NATHALIE. They’re like tap-able comic books. I found that I’m much more willing to tap through an essay that is mostly or purely pictures that I am to look at chunks of text with no pictures. However, titles that interest me like Angela Bunt’s “Womanly Torture Devices of the 21st Century” will draw me in to at least take a look at them. I suppose that means that when my tap essay goes up, I’ll definitely need to look into an attention-getting title.

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Fall 2013 – English 3844 2013-12-13 19:23:50

Tuesday Oct. 1st


These are the ideas that I thought up for a tap essay:


  • Explanation of the Seelie and Unseelie Courts
  • Explanation to a kid on why seniors in high school act like they do (just came up with during class)
  • Dissection of alchemical symbols
  • What to do during awkward silences (just came up with during class)
  • Why Pokémon should have slowed down their production of new Pokémon
  • Types of Ships
  • Graphic novels are good reading material
  • How to make a pumpkin floral arrangement


Most of them I thought up because I already had some of the material for the essay and would just need to arrange the information to a different medium. My friend and I actually went around our high school during our senior year to get information from other seniors as to why seniors act like they do when our English teacher’s son asked us (he was in elementary school). We sent him the document, though I’m not sure what his response was. We tried to make it as humorous as possible for him.


Other of these ideas I’m just interested in and would have already liked to learn more about…either that or subjects that I knew really well that I could just throw together quickly. If anyone has an opinion on which subject it should be, feel free to leave comments. J

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Fall 2013 – English 3844 2013-12-13 19:23:20

Monday Sept. 30th


Okay, so our professor wasn’t there during class today so we watched all the videos we created for our video narrative project. It was really cool seeing the route that people went with their stories. There were people who drew all of their pictures and videos within the videos. There people who had background tracks and those that didn’t. I realize the ones that got the most acclaim were those that played on peoples’ heartstrings or that were found funny. The soundtracks enhanced these feelings and really helped you get into the narrative.


I realized while watching that the songs in the background were really pretty necessary. Even if you created a pretty bad narrative, your video could probably still be popular as long as you had good images and a well-known song. It’s amazing how much we, as viewers, are willing to forgive as long as something sounds nice or looks pretty.

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Fall 2013 – English 3844 2013-12-13 19:22:53

Wednesday Sept. 18th


Technology can have some bugs. During my Writing & Digital Media class we were looking at the rough drafts for out video narratives. This day did not turn out how I wanted it to. My presentation wouldn’t compile into its video version. It kept getting stick at 87%. I ended up just being able to look over and review my classmates’ videos.


With the three videos I reviewed, all I could think was I should’ve put more effort into this project. Afterward I watched some of the videos that were on YouTube with really cool transitions like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25l0Eh6CJ8A&list=PLVJW2uQWKISngfiQEHoPDW-Cu2VA6HtR2&index=1. I have no clue how to go about doing this, but I’d love to learn. I have a feeling it’d be time consuming though which I sadly don’t have time for right now. Plus, this video is mainly to the music, I’m not sure how that’d work with a narrative story….besides the fact that I have no idea how to put a music track behind a PowerPoint presentation so that it plays throughout the movie.

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Fall 2013 – English 3844 2013-12-13 19:22:28

Monday Sept. 16th


Today I arranged a time with Innovation Space to use a recording room, figuring if I’m going to record my story for the video narrative I’m working on for class then I should make it the best version the first time.


Half an hour before it was time for me to use the recording booth, I realized that I hadn’t printed out my script that I needed to read off. Technology saved me. I actually used this blog to post up my script so that I could read it on my phone. I couldn’t use my computer because that would’ve defeated the purpose of using the recording booth since my computer would create background noise.


It actually took a lot longer than I thought it would to record the script for my video. I almost ran out of time to use the recording booth and adjust the sound levels appropriately.


After, I spent hours trying to get the sound to line up with the timing for the slides. It was pretty much impossible no matter what I tried and the settings I messed with. While technology gets better and better, it ends up getting more complex so that it’s not as intuitive as it used to be.

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Fall 2013 – English 3844 2013-12-13 19:22:02

Friday Sept. 13th


I’m taking some classes on patent law and copyright law. I recognized before this class that it’s bad to copy things like movies because they have copyrights. I didn’t realize until I was looking for public-use pictures for my video narrative how difficult it actually is to pay strict attention to whether or not you can rightfully use images.


You can’t actually use all the images on Google, for example, you have to find a special section with images that are marked for public use. It’s awful since that means that there are many times you can’t find an appropriate image for something you’re trying to describe. Also, the quality for the images tends to be lower. For example, I tried to find a silhouette of a lion roaring and found only this extremely grainy picture when without paying attention to copyrights, you could get at least 10 images.


Never before have I so clearly realized the extreme difficulty in avoiding infringing on a copyright.

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Fall 2013 – English 3844 2013-12-13 19:21:34

Monday Sept. 9th


For our Writing & Digital Media class we did something that I really didn’t expect from a college class. We actually went outside and got to wander around the campus for about 30 minutes to complete an assignment. It was amazing. We had been told at our last class to bring the iPad that we were loaned for the class. We took them with outside with us because we were supposed to take pictures that related to out writing process.


A lot of people took pictures of places where they would want to write or materials that they could use to create pieces, like a computer. I thought some the things that I took pictures of were very original, but sadly I couldn’t seem to figure out how to upload them onto Google Drive since this was the first time I’d ever had to use it and I prefer only working with things I know how to use, especially when it comes to turning in assignments.


Anyway, instead of taking pictures of the physical writing process, I focused more on what happened before you’d get down to writing. I took pictures of things that would have inspired me to write — from interesting building architecture to pieces of others’ artwork. The one that I was most proud that I thought of resulted from a chance coincidence. The core band was practicing on the drillfield and I recorded a piece of the music they were playing since often a piece of music will inspire me.

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